Bangkok Massage Girls Japanese Oil Nuru Massages February 2022

 Bangkok Massage Girls Sex February 2022

Finding sexy girls in Bangkok for full service action is very simple. In this article I will not post links to social media for obvious reasons. We don't want to spoil things for everyone.Mainly, the places mentioned here can be found on Twitter. Twitter is a treasure trove for finding sex in Bangkok. One only needs to know what to search for. Hopefully you shall find this information useful.

Thailand Massage Girls Bangkok 2022
Getting full service massage and sex in Bangkok is quick and easy. Full updated photo and video samples are readily available to make your choice. You can send a direct message using Twitter or go to the establishment yourself. Some karaokes are open now but you will mostly you have to go in to see the lineup.
  1. HappyBKK (Haru) - decent size jacuzzi, Thai webcam girl are very well so sessions at Haru were some of the better ones in my trip. It's one of the top choices if you want a 2 shot sessions, if you pay for 90/120 mins the girls will assume you want 2 shots. However when I walked past the lobby, some of the girls do not look that great... so I presume some photo shopping in the advertised photos.
  2. Daisy Dreams - I can't remember where I got the recommendation for the girl I picked but I loved her. She had worked at hotel reception before so speaks very good English, play sports regularly so have a banging body. Went for the Jacuzzi room, which wasn't cheap (3000b 60 mins with promotion I think). Room is the best furnish I've seen in an oily/massage place. Their lobby is a kinda bar set-up that you might be able to mingle with the girls before the session? When I walked past I don't see any customers doing that. I also think it's quite quiet for them these days before of their price level. 
  3. Pretty Massage - I made a last minute reservation as my hotel was just 1 min walk away. Room is old, their VIP room is just a small bathtub so probably just go for the standard room. The Thai lbfm slut I got because of her big boobs - I can't 100% tell if it's real but they were soft and seemed quite natural (doesn't defy gravity like the obvious fake ones), but I could feel "something" when playing with them. Maybe I just haven't touched a large set for a long time lol. Very service oriented and submissive girl, initiated DT by herself and good kissing and licking everywhere.  

 Bangkok Massage Girl 2022 Sample Video

There are 2 more shops that I thought about going - Aurora and CanCan. I've seen some less than stellar reviews with Aurora so I've crossed them off the list, but interestingly the ex-manager of Oreno 26 has become their manager, and he just brought an ex-Oreno26 girl to join Aurora. CanCan I just have seen any reviews, except some Japanese youtuber taking one of their karaoke girls (actually looks quite cute).

  Final Thoughts Asian Sex Travel Bangkok February 2022

There is still a lot of sex travel Asia action in Bangkok. You won't find the hottest girls in these places but they are pretty and good fun. If you want a pale skin, slim and long leggy girl you will have to go somewhere. What's great about these massage girl and shops in Bangkok are the service levels. It rarely feels rushed, the girls are there to service you.