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Commonly Used Phrases Abbreviations

Commonly Used Monger Abbreviations

Below are many words and abbreviations found throughout this blog. Please refer back to this page if you are not sure what a certain word is.

Mongering sex terms and abbreviations are provided by Asian bargirls live

AC: Short for Angeles City, the place we all come to play

Bakla: A Billyboy or ladyboy in Tagalog

Barfine: Same as an EWR (See Below). Commonly used in Thailand and also the Philippines but is actually an illegal term in the PI..

Baht: Thailand Currency

BF: Barfine BJ: Blowjob BKK: Bangkok Billy Boy: What local Filipinos and Foreigners call ladyboys in English Butterfly: That's guys like you and me who jump from partner to partner, better known as a monger. Girls can be butterflies too! Cheap Charlie: A guy that leaves little or almost no tip or is a cheap person in general. Some girls use this to joke with you as well. Cherry Boy: A guy who is making their first trip to the Philippines Cherry Girl: A girl in a bar who is a virgin. Be sure to check her ID for the "V" on it. CR: Comfort Room DIA: Date in Asia, a popular dating site used by many Filipinas across the Philippines. DATY: Dine at the Y Door Girl: Ladies who hang out in front of bars trying to get customers in the door. EWR: Early Work Release. The term "bar fine" is technically banned in the Philippines Falang: Non-Thai person or Foreigner (Thai Language) FFF or 3 F Rule: Common term used, "Find them, Fuck them, Forget them" FL: Freelancer, a girl that doesn't work in a particular bar and works on the street Katoey: Billy Boy or Lady Boy (Thai Language) KTV: Karaoke  Kuripot: See Cheap Charlie Above. Tagalog version GF: Girlfriend GFE: Girlfriend Experience or Effect. A quality bar girl who acts like your girlfriend GRO: Guest Relations Officer. These are generally all the waitresses and door girls in the bars IMHO: In My Humble Opinion LB: Lady Boy LBFM: Little Brown Fucking Machine LD/DLD: Ladies Drink or Double Ladies Drink. When you buy a girl a drink, it's called a ladies drink which is generally 150 p. In certain establishments, there are double ladies' drinks which are 300 p or more depending on the establishment. Something to beware of... LGH: Lewis Grand Hotel LOS: Land of Smiles, better known as Thailand LT: Stands for a Long Time. After paying the bar fine or EWR, a girl agrees to go with you all night. Make sure this is understood before you pay the barfine... Malibog: Tagalog for horny and used a lot in the bars and my foreigners Monger or Mongering: Perverted guys like you and me looking for various varieties of women, in this case, Filipinas and lots of them... OG: Office or Other Girl OP: Original Poster in a Thread

P4P: Pay for Play

Patts: Pattaya, Thailand

Peso: Philippines Currency

PI, Phils or Phillys: The Philippines or Philippine Islands

Pinay: Filipino Woman

Pinoy: Filipino Man

Runner: A common term used for when a girl you barfine ends up leaving you and doesn't deliver the goods. If this happens, go back to the bar in question and talk to the management, and you will get your money back.

SMB: San Miquel Beer

SML: San Miguel Light Beer

Spinner: A small Filipina easily used for spinning around in various sexual positions

Sponsor: A foreigner who sends a girl money on a regular basis for support.

ST: Stands for Short Time. After paying the barfine or EWR, girls agree to go with you for a specific amount of time, not all night. Some guys prefer ST and this should be communicated before a barfine is obtained

TG: Thai Girl

TIP: This is the Philippines

TR: Trip Report

YMMV: Your mileage May Vary. Means your experience might be different than mine...

WTF: What The fuck

WU: Western Union

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