Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mongering Trip Rio De Janeiro Brazil July 2013

Brazil Monger Story and Sex Prices 2013 2014

I arrived in Rio De Janeiro Brazil Monday afternoon and have gone to Balcony every night and pulled what I consider to be Brazilian hotties from the bar. Have not paid more than 150R for any one of them, all have started with 200 all accepted 150 right away when I countered. Some have wanted 10R for the cab ride back which I have given to them. My apartment is at the far end of Copacabana almost in Ipanema and balcony is way at the opposite end of Copacabana, I have walked from my apartment to balcony at 1 or 2:am by myself and have felt perfectly safe never a problem. I have heard this place is supposed to be very dangerous at night and maybe at one time it was but from my experience the place has improved and is safe. In my opinion balcony has some Brazilian hotties available. 

Afternoon Brazil Mongering

My mongering friend and I visited Villa Mimosa yesterday and I session with a Brazilian girl there total cost 50R for the girl and 12R for a half hour room. The room was clean and better than the rooms at T81 in Centro. I was surprised at how small the area is, I was a bit apprehensive when we got there but afterwards I felt safe about the whole experience and will probably go back on my own (in the day time) before I leave. Personally I thought there were some attractive women to be found in there. The best way to get to Villa mimosa is to take the metro from Copocabana and exit the Praca Onze station and then take a cab from there, it’s only a few blocks away and shouldn’t be more than 10R.     

We have visited 4X4 T30 T502 and T81 in Centro in my opinion there are attractive Brazilian women to be had at all of these places. 4x4 charged 260R for 40 minutes and has a 50R (I think) entry fee but if you session before 5:pm the entry fee is waived. T30 has a 30R entry fee with three drinks 145R for the half hour and 190R for 40 minutes, ask for Paula if you go there sexxxxy hot blond Brazilian girl does complete all three imputes super energetic and gives the best deep throat blow job I’ve had in a long time. T502 has a 20R entry fee with two drinks and 150R for 40 minutes and T81 has a 10R entry fee with two drinks and is 120R for the hour 90R for 40 minutes and 80R for the half hour but the rooms are a real dungeon. All of these termas are in a few blocks of each other and all can be reached from the metro if you exit the uragaiana station. I have found Centro to be very safe especially during the day time. We have been there as late as 9 or 10:pm and the place was still safe at that time.

Two things I have found that I do not like about the Brazilian girls, many seem to be taking steroids to get that big lag big ass look which does not turn me on. Twice I have taken what I thought were hot nice big assed chicks in the low disco lights of the boat  only to see them in the cabin to think I fucked up and got a post op tranny  because of the steroids they were on. Another thing I find annoying is many of the Brazilian women want to stick their finger in your ass when they are blowing you or even when you are trying to fuck them, this does not turn me on at all and in fact kills the mood for me, my vertical starts going horizontal any time they try doing that.

Was in Thailand for 20 days before I came to Rio De Janeiro for mongering practically came directly from Thailand to Rio, spent two days back in the United States and then on to Rio De Janeiro for some mongering and Brazilian girls. Fucked over 60 Thai chicks while I was there and personally I think on average the Thai chicks fuck better than the Brazilian chicks. However, far more Brazilian girls will let you fuck them in the ass than Thai chicks will.

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