Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cebu Philippines a Small Town for Mongering

Cebu Philippines Monger Trip - A Day in a Life

Woke up in the morning and there was a message on my phone from a Filipina girl named Tatzkie on my phone asking if she could meet. Said she was a call centre worker and she finishes work at 10am and wanted to meet me. I said ok and she rocked around the hotel just after 10am. Sex was pretty ordinary and she wanted 1000 peso which I gave her. Then she started looking at and grabbing all my stuff asking can I have this, can I have that. Didn’t matter what it was. It was my clothes, souvenirs, razors, anything. I just looked at her like she was mad and hustled her out of the room as quick as possible.

After that showered up and head down to Ayala Mall for a feed. After the feed I got up and was walking along the terraces when I heard my name called out. Was one of the guys I met the other night, Ian, and he was sitting outside in the Thai restaurant next to TGIF with a bunch of other foreign guys and a couple of girls.

He invited me to come join them for a few beers. There was a couple of Canadian guys, a couple of Yanks, an Aussie, Ian and the two Filipina girls. Most of the guys were in there late twenties, early thirties. Introduced myself to everyone and when it came to the two girls Ian said this is Ivy and I smiled and said to Ian I know Ivy. With Ivy was her friend from last week who had screwed Bill over with the fake rape bullshit. Ivy's friend looked very uncomfortable seeing me and I kept winding her up the whole afternoon.

Got a text from Junnette saying she wanted to meet me. She wanted to borrow 3000 pesos from me for rent. I said sure, knowing full well I wouldn’t get the 3000 peso back but she had spent a few nights with me and asked for nothing but cab fare so I looked at it as payment for services rendered. Told her to meet me at Bos Coffee and text me when she arrived and carried on drinking with guys.

Junnette turned up around an hour later and I went upstairs to meet her and give her 3000 peso. She asked me what I was doing and I said drinking with some friends downstairs. I asked her if she wanted to join but she said no, she had to pay the rent today else her landlady would kick her out (complete bollocks story) and had to leave. That was fine with me because I felt like having a decent drink today anyway.

Headed back downstairs and carried on drinking. Was interesting talking to all the guys there and how they make a living in Cebu. One of them owned a 60 person call centre and a restaurant/bar, two were in construction, another ran a telemarketer centre and another one had some investments back home and was living off the interest. Sent Rob a message to come on over. He was feeling wrecked from the night before but eventually came over.

Everyone was just getting wasted, laughing and having a great time. Was just like sitting around a pub with a bunch of mates. One of the guys there was completely wasted from the night before and had spent most of the afternoon sleeping. The guys there were showing me some of the stuff they had done to him when he had crashed out at parties over there and they showed me one of the most hilarious photos I had seen. They had a photo of a Chihuahua fucking the guys face and Rob and I were in hysterics when we saw it.

Rob decided he would start drinking again so went down to the supermarket and got himself a bottle of Jack Daniels. Everywhere he seemed to go he would buy his own bottle of Jack Daniels and just buy coke to mix with it. After 15 or so SML’s decided to switch to Tequila so went downstairs to the supermarket and got one of those 200 peso 1 litre bottles. Was mixing it with mango juice and apparently I was doing 50/50 tequila/juice mixes. Polished off the whole bottle in around 3 hours and was completely trashed. Apparently I was trying to chat up the waitress but was so fucked I couldn’t speak properly.

We headed out to Papillon after that and I was a total mess. I ended up crashing out there and they couldn’t wake me. Rob looked after me and made sure the Filipina bargirls didn’t rape my wallet. Not sure when I got back to the hotel. Night was pretty much a blur from 10pm. Was easily the most fucked I have been for a few years but had an awesome day.
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