Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mongering in the Dominican Republic with some Chicas

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Sex Trip Report

Someone said nothing can top my previous trip. Well my first two days here were very exciting.
I arrived in Santo Domingo at  SDQ at 3pm and was very exhausted as I had layover in Miami 7hrs. First thing I did was to buy claro sim card. Out of airport there was young guy who agreed to give me a ride to Bocca just for 20 USD. At Hotel Costa Lunga I have realized I forgot my passport at the Claro Office. Same guy gave me ride back. Once at the office the girl tried to convince me that she already gave me back my passport. On my insisting she found it somewhere on the floor. It was bed start of my trip. Somehow I was very tired from my 14hrs trip and first event was like a warning to take it easy at least for first couple of days. 

Costa Lunga is nice hotel in Santo Dingo 10min walk away from the beach (30/50 pesos motoconcho). With 40 USD per night is good value for money. You get nice big apartment with two rooms, ac, safe...only thing both batroom and tv are very small. I like the place but prefer to be close to the action and the beach. 

Last year there was a Domincan girl I was looking to meet but I could not get any info on her. I was surprised to see her on my friend`s FB list (thx bro). Diosiris was in SD at the time and I made a deal to see her on my first day. She asked for taxi as it was already late (1000p). She stayed overnight and I had one of my best nights here in Bocca. She does not speak any english but it was fun just to have around. She has some nice body and always willing to fuck (warning: very hot chica !!!) 

Diosiris is one hot chica. I was almost tempted to ask her to stay for another day. She would play some music on her cell and dance naked around. She made sure I have another sleepless night.

After we watched her favorite novel. We took a walk down to Duarte. Santo Domingo is an interesting place where you have a lot of nightlife bars and restaurants on both sides of street with tables in the middle and many chicas (hookers) hanging all around. They were all staring at Diosiris as she was a new chica in the town. We decided to stay at Route 69 Bar where I saw gorgeous spinner Juliana. I couldn`t get my eyes off her but Diosiris was there and I was thinking what to do. Finally I told Diosiris this is the girl I really like and asked her to go to bathroom for a minute so I can take her phone#. Diosiris was cool and ask her (Juliana) to show me the bathroom. Once there she told me has no novio, working here tomorrow 7pm and have day off today. I got her number and Diosiris was very happy as she invited Juliana at our table. Chemistry between the working girls were great and they soon became good friends. Juliana told me she lives in San Pedro and looking for some money. They both agreed for 3some and after few beers we were in my apartment for one more unforgettable night


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