Friday, January 11, 2013

Detained while Mongering in Angeles City Philippines

19 Hours of Hell Foreigner Arrested Angeles City Philippines Raid

Took a Filipina bargirl and got to Golden Nile Angeles City Bar on Fields Ave in the Philippines about 10:15 to see the 10:30 show, watched it and the bargirl I was with was being a downer so after the show told her to split so I could get another. After all it was her night off and a freebie so did not cost me a thing, ended up saving her ass. So now it is about 11:00 and sitting on the side booth when all of a sudden the girls all start running in different directions. Then someone say it is a raid so I headed down to the bottom floor right away and there is a cop on the door, I asked him if I could leave which was declined. So figure what the hey and head back up to finish my drink. All the bargirls went and changed and a few customers all stayed on the 3rd floor and finished drinks. 2 Filipina bargirls grabbed me and begged me to say they were with me and when we would get out would go back to my hotel for a threesome, not bad if it would of transpired that way. Now the cops most in plain clothes are walking around with video cameras shooting everything. Then after about an hour motion for us to go to the ground floor which we all did and there was about a 100 people down there. First they take all the girls and load them up on the bus so now it is down to just a few of us and I was figuring for sure they where going to let us go our way. Had to take a piss really bad but no bathroom on that floor but thought I would be out soon to go to my hotel. This one lady undercover comes up to us and asks some questions then was starting to let us leave then this dude stopped her. Shit thought we were free, about another 15 minutes later the call us up and open the door so thought it was time to go but instead they escort us and make us get on the bus.

I is now 1 AM and the bus is PACKED and see some of my favorite bargirls and they all looked very surprised I was on the bus with them. Asked about some of the other Filipina bargirls that I know and ended up they all escaped. Here is what happened the cops loaded up the bus first and then closed the door on it and went back inside to get more people. Since the bus was unattended they figured out how to open the door and all of them got off and ran away in different directions. Now I kicked myself thinking I should of waited downstairs and I would free. But no I am stuck here thinking we were going to the local PD and find out they are taking us to Manila the Quezon station, not much I can do about it so sat back. A lot of stop and go and now close to Manila and it is nearing 3 AM when this girl in the front seat start screaming at the cops at the top of her lungs and not just any screaming it was deafening. Turns out she had to pee ever since we left Angeles City so to my surprise they pulled off the road and found a CR (bathroom) for anyone that needed it to use.

Get to the station and exit the bus and enter this building and they heard all the girls upstairs and me and 3 other customers and kept on the first floor and head over to the area where the commanders office was located. Shortly after the head honcho comes out and turns out to be a lady and she had a nice face but a little round in the body. She is holding mug shots of the owner of the bars Richard and asking all of us if we know him or saw him at the club this evening. She says they are after him for sex trafficking and he is in big trouble, of course no of us say a thing. Then she tells us all that we can be charged just for being there for sex trafficking or solicitation. The first offense is community service and a 50,000 Php fine, second offense is 1 year in jail and 100,000 Php fine, we all look at each other saying WTF. Then she starts saying that they were there to rescue and save the girls from what they where doing and their main target was Richard, which they did not apprehend. So you can imagine the 4 of us are all starting to sweat it out when she says that they are not going to be charging us and we should be out of there shortly. A huge sigh of relief came over us so I called my hotel to arrange for them to send a car to get me because I had no idea what else to do. So now it is 4 AM and they take us off a few blocks away to get a medical examiner to prove that no one was injured in the raid. A bunch of girls are already there waiting their turn and of course I knew a few so sat that waiting and learning about what was happening. 30 minutes later all the power goes out so we get us herd back to the first place they took us inside in the pitch dark with just a few candles.

Now it is almost 5 AM and another lady an investigator comes out to talk to us and tells us we have to do some interviews and stuff and should take a couple of hours. So we are just sitting there and watching the clock and nothing is happening, now it turns 6 AM and then all the cops take out pillows and stuff and say it is nap time and going to be for 2 hours. Again we all look at each other and WTF what is this FUCKING kindergarten. Now it is 8 AM and of course time to eat breakfast which takes another hour taking us to 9 AM.

Now a third person a dude comes out to talk to us and tells us we are all going to be charged in a affidavit for sex trafficking but they do not have any proof of it. They then tell us they have 36 hours from the time they got us to come up with what they need to send to a judge to see if they would proceed. Needless to say all of our hearts just sunk deep into our chests. 2 of us where American and the other 2 Japanese so we respectfully asked to call our embassy's for assistance. Which they allowed and talked to someone and to be honest they were not much of a help but did talk to the commander and filled us in on all the details.

Now it is Noon then 1 PM and we are just all sitting there doing nothing and waiting. Meanwhile the cops are bring down girls from upstairs and conduction interviews with them and they each lasted about 2 hours so they were very thorough and showed them all the pic of Richard to confirm him. Now at about 1:15 PM the head lady comes out and says they are not going to press charges but we have to still to the medical exam and they need to get it approved by the department of justice since they were in on the raid with them. So they take us out again and walk us over to the doctors building which we sit and there is no one waiting this time. This guy comes out and asks some questions and then goes back inside and a few minutes comes out again with a form for all of us to sign.

Now it is 1:30 and 3 people from the DOJ show up to talk with the boss lady and an hour later she comes out and says we are free but have to do some more documents which should be an hour or so before we can leave. So an hour later the head investigator comes out and say now they contacted immigration and now have to wait to get documents from them. Great more FUCKING delays. Then the boss lady comes out and tell us all that we have to contact our embassy's again to arrange for them to send a person there to receive us as we are being released. The Japanese call their first and talk to them and put the boss lady on with whoever it was, the guy told me that they asked since we did not commit a crime and not being charged can we be released on our O.R. which she agreed. Now I try getting the US embassy on the phone and the department we need are not there and out on a field trip or something. So made some more calls and finally get in touch with a hot shot named Beth Kho who turned out to know the boss lady and she talked to her and she agreed to release us to our driver to take us back to Angeles City

Now it is 4:45 and the head investigator comes out with a book and handwritten inside is a paragraph that basically says we were in the police raid and did not get injured and had to sign off and then where released.

Finally got back to Angeles City at around 6 PM so the whole ordeal lasted about 19 hours. What I learned for next time is to try to escape when you can because you will get away. That the police in the PI are a bunch of morons and the equipment they have to work with is from the 70's. I choke it up as just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and they were just doing their job trying to get their numbers up so the US will continue sending them money to fight sex trafficking.

A few other tidbits I did not mention is when we where first there one of the guys asked if we wanted to offer a bribe of 10,000 Php to be let go as a group of 4 and we agreed but was turned down.

The driver that came to get my came to me and said his uncle worked in that PD and wanted to know how much money I had to pay off to be freed. I had about 5,000 Php and $100 US and that was it. He went out and 30 minutes later came back and said that was not enough and do I have any more money at the hotel and how much could I give. Basically said that you ask them what they want I am not going to play this game. Again about 30 minutes later he comes back and tells me it is going to cost 50,000 Php. Since I was just told we where not being charged I declined and figured the most they can keep us is about 24 more hours before they have to release us.

Also about 7 AM an attorney came to see us and he was sent there by Richard to represent him of course and he talked to us and again was pretty useless telling us the maximum time we could be there was 36 hours. And nothing would happen and we would eventually get released.

Just a couple there is more stuff but have not slept in almost 40 hours and really hungry so off to Tequila Reef now for some eats...