Monday, January 7, 2013

Cherry Mongering trip to Angeles City New Year 2013

2013 Mongering Story: Angeles City Philippines

Dec 30, after a god awfully long layover in Hong Kong. I arrive in Angeles. The purpose behind this trip? To officiate my semi permanent move to the Phil, and to fuck and drink the unending stress of the sandy arab shithole within which I am forced to work for 35 days at a time from my currently grimy, filth-ridden body.

Having arrived at 1300 that afternoon, I am fully prepared to devastate some tight-bodied morena and impregnate her as over a month of excess frustration forces my condom to explode mid coitus.
Thankfully, That didn't happen, and while my Cherry Trip is still ongoing, the nonstop fuck fest is most likely regrettably at its end for the time being.  For that was precisely what it was.


Reasonably well appointed, I was nevertheless disappointed with the State of my room which looked more like a 20 dollar flophouse than the deluxe they had pictured in Agoda where i reserved it. Compounded with the fact that room 18 lay directly above the restaurant and underneath Devil Witch virtually ensured for the next five days of my stay i only slept from 4am to 6am. Which began to wear on me.

Despite that, I have a hard time not recommending the attached bars, restaurants and clubs to fellow readers. The service personnel were consistently friendly, quick, and helpful and were it not for the noise keeping me awake, i would give the place five stars.

So I hit the Hotel, check in, shower and dress and Im back out for what was presumed to be a recon trip of the area. But delightfully was turned into being either blown or fondled attentively in Insomnia, Devilwitch, and finally Brown Sugar, I landed in Cuba Cuba to recoup.

Cuba Cuba and Tequila Reef Angeles City Restaurants;

Cheap beer and relatively decent food considering price; both of these places got gorgeous women parading seemingly endlessly around. While I didn't hook up with anyone in either, had the situation been different i probably would never have hit the hooker bars, its unnecessary.

Finally, after a few beers in Cuba Cuba I entered Crystal Palace; where i thought about leaving until i hit upstairs and was tackled when i entered by a pair of dynamite little fuckers. Isa and Grace, both of them were funny and charming, despite establishing that Isa has a black fella weakly attempting to play
the invisible man from Vegas I had a rocking good time. In fact i Ewr'd them both and then the absolute bat shit craziness began.