Sunday, December 2, 2012

Only Trip Mongering Thailand Bangkok Pattaya

Monger Trip to Bangkok and Pattaya

We arrived at JFK at 7am, checked into First Class then hung in the lounge until we boarded at 9:45. Awesome lounge for Cathay Pacific.

There are only 6 cubicles in First Class and it was full. They have 4 attendants helping us. Non stop food and drinks. They have 100 movies to choose from. I saw three, ate 3 meals and slept 6 hours.

They give you pajamas, make your bed, all kinds of crap here. Never felt like we were flying at all. All the women working on board are cute to hot. 8 of them passed thru first class.

Still have not spent any of my money yet.

We are in Hong Kong waiting for the connection.

We arrived on time, clear customs and immigration, took cash from the ATM machine, and got lost going to the Hotel. He circled the area three times and the hookers were out in full force. We paid 1,000 for a pre arranged taxi.

Nana Plaza Bars Discos Gogos and Nightlife

We walked around the corner to Nana Plaza, three levels of bars and GoGos. I saw a few Thai bargirls that I wanted but they wanted 600 bar fine and 2,000. I found them to be sort of pushy, so we kept moving on. There were many street Thai freelance girls out and we each took one for 1,000 Baht. When we arrive she asks me to shower and I tell her rule #1, never alone so she jumps in and does a great time. She looked mid 20's but was 30. It was complete GFE including BBBJ. I took her number and said I may call again.

We checked out a few discos which were packed and as we left one, we asked three girls where they were off two and they told us to jump in their taxi, which we did and ended up at some club that was 200 to get in so we passed. The were semi pros and wanted 2,000 so we passed. There are mongers everywhere, restaurants are packed with them and hookers.

Walking back we found some freelance bar which had about 40 Thai bargirls, Jiggerfied pulled one for all night for 2,500 but the 4 I asked all had jobs to go to in the morning, so I passed. Its just like Medellin, with many women hooking on the side.

We walked back about 10 blocks and the streets were full of Thai hookers. I think about 7 percent is how many I want out of what I saw so far.

We hit the famous Bangkok blowjob bars and there was nothing there that we liked. I took about 100 pictures, so I may come back in fill in the blanks later. We were in a few areas.

We hit Soi Cowboy which was packed and I had some Thai street food which was great. Lots of women here, they all want you to buy a drink and chat.I need change so I bought a coke for 15 bahts, drank some and haned it off to a street kid who was happy to finish it.

I was out to 3:30 am. Non stop action all around here.

Woke up at 7, took a walk around and saw some left over hookers from last night walking around. Called my wingman, had some breakfast and then came to internet cafe which opens at 8:30. My hotel full of mongers has no computers.

The Hotel Majestic Suites has a guy that takes their IDs and signs them in. The rooms are nice and we are here cause Kevy said it was a great location, which it was.

Woke up early, waited for Maxi then checked out 6 massage places until we settled on one where we both got 2 hours for 550. Awesome massage with mine telling me she is horny and watches porn all the time.

Walking back, there are Thai bargirls starting to show up for work.

Coming back from my massage I see this girl sitting around so we chat. She just came in from 9 hours away and after 10 minutes she ends up back in my room.

We hit the mall to get my phone and she speaks more English than most and turns out to be an asset. I will keep her until Monday. Worked out to 2,000 for every 24 hours and understands that I am a butterfly so no drama.

Then we hit the Fashion Mall nearby and ended up in the Food Court. I had shrimp Pad Thai for 3 dollars and it was great. My new girl waited on us and got everything as well.

My new friend was telling us of the beer bar that she intended to work so we checked it out and found another street packed with Thai girls. They are everywhere.

I told the desk to let up #2 if she gets there before me, since I was here posting the updates.
So far the street food been great and dirt cheap.

Just dropped off Kay from yesterday. She saw all the other girls things in my room but no drama at out. Better GFE than yesterday. 1,000 for an hour.Kay is a doll, but so far all three were happy campers.

Thermae Bar and Coffee House

199 Ruamchilplaza between 13 and 15
This is a freelance bar and it closes at 2:30. Drinks are cheap and there were about 40 girls the first night and 60 the second night.

Its a 15 minute walk from Majestic Suites.

Well you come out the Majestic Hotel, make a right and walk about 15 blocks at about midnight and you may well pass about 200 hookers. They are all sitting and eating but are available.

So we met back at the room and let me tell you, she is the most submissive girl that I ever had. She said 12:15 and she was on time.

I will be taking her to Pattaya for a while.

The few times that I walked by the Nana Plaza area, I noticed the Thai bargirls are very aggressive. Once you take one, she seems to ease up and become submissive.

My all nighter went to visit family and we will meet up later. We had breakfast together before she left and she came with me for a haircut and a shave which was 300 bahts.

Well me and my wingman went back for our two hour massage and on the way back found still another bar with girls so we had a drink and then met up with Jiggerfied and walked around looking for something to eat.

We found another street with massages and the Eden Club, which may be a bondage club. There is so much to do here. Everyone under 30 should get here before they can't do 4 a day.

A guy can walk around Soi 4 all day and all night and never be bored.

Jiggerfied called one of the girls from the other night and she just left. A 22 year old and her rate was 1,000 for about an hour.

Another cool thing is that the girls all seem to have minutes.

Pattaya Mongering in Brief

We took the 2 hour 2,000 taxi ride here and arrived by noon. Checked in and hit the streets. I did so much, but will try to tell the stories as best as I can.

First stop, Soi 6. we walked the lenght, a few grabbed my hand but I pulled away. Took a ton of pictures. While they were eating lunch, I went back to Thai Rose, asked Jan to join me for a coke and we went inside.

She had on a nice short red dress. Smooth legs and kissing, well that was included in the price of a soda. Total Damage was 135 Baht.

I was snapping pictures every where. I took beach road both ways and I saw about 5 that would do. Lots of food venders every where.

Walking around here is a full time activity. There are tons of small places with a girl or two and you can see something every 5 feet. All the 100 Baht massage places are staffed with 30 something women that look like they are 25. I missed my 2 hour massage yesterday.

So much is happening here. After 5 days in this country, I can tell you that the Thai women are 98 percent the same as Colombian women. They will do what ever it takes to make the man happy and all they want in return is to be treated fair and not be lied too.

Its a very interesting place. There are far more gay guys here than I ever thought. The Lady bar was packed while Club Blue with its half price drinks was empty. Maxi, myselself, Jigger and Joy had the 20 girls to ourselves. I took pictures and shot some video and grabbed a few of the girls. There were maybe 4 in that place that I could have barfined, but we kept moving around.

We went by walking street, had a drink in Secrets popular Pattaya Bar and then went back to the room.

Its been 3 nights with the same Thai bargirl and she is picking up more and more English. She is very interesting and enjoys watching me grab the dancers in the clubs. She loves OJ and its cheap enough. She asks me if I wish to cum in her mouth all the time but we end up fucking. She is getting more and more into talking about sex. Spanish women, love sex, from the minute they take off their clothes. Not sure if its her or if all Thai women are shy about talking about sex.

We get back to the room about 10 and while she is blowing me, my wingman comes by with his girl and we agree to meet up in 30 minutes, get food and hang out. We get three dishes from the stand for 117 Baht and eat back at the hotel and just chill outside until 1am

Had breakfast around the corner for about 110. seems like the range is 100-150 for an American breakfast.

Then walked over to Soi 6, hung in two places with a Thai bargirl, bought each one a coke and spent about 30 minutes bullshitting. Once I load the pictures I can better explain which place and what name. There is just so much going on that I can't remember any of the names. They both spoke English and both of them were rubbing my cock for about 20 minutes each.


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