Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wild Sex Mongering in Saipan with a Filipina Girl

Wild Saipan Sex with sexy Girls and Nightlife

Me and my buddy decided to go party in Saipan for one night. Price is 220 USD roundtrip Continental from Guam. This small island is part of the Central Marianas Islands and used to be a a HUGE party island before they closed the garment factories down and all Filipina/Korean/Chinese girls left. (from what I hear). It is still a lot of fun though.
We begin the night at Chicago, which is a strip joint with all Filipina dancers. Nice girls, good prices, girls are lot of fun. I asked one if i could pretty much barfine her for the night....she told me "I'm not a barfine, go find a Chinese or Korean girl if you want that ".
So that's exactly what I did.

Next stop was a dance club in Garipan (downtown area of Saipan). Jeremy and I are scoping out the talent on dance floor. I see only people on dance floor are a few Asian girls dancing  like you would imagine Asians to dance. These women were very pretty and 25-30 age range. I take one more swig of my beer and say "fuck it, they probably won't want to dance, but they might". We end up dancing for a couple hours, having great time, taking turns with each of them.

Club closes and we stumble out, soaked in sweat. Some other Joe tagged along but I didn't mind. It was now 2 guys and three girls. We end up at the Hyatt resort Saipan drinking coffee. I immediately take one with me and break her away from friends to go swimming in ocean. I get naked and jump in ocean. Beautiful Korean girl does the same. We try fucking in ocean but it is too dam rough.  We move to pool, then poolside chair, then to hot tub. One solid hour of bareback outdoor fucking. 

I look for new place to continue, but security is there and tell me we have to go (he must have heard her, lol!). As we are walking to find her car another car pulls up abruptly. I shield girl as I don't know what's going on (its 5 am, ghost town, and dark). she breaks my hold. Two young Korean girls jump out. One looks as if he's about to start throwing punches. Then I hear in broken English " YOU SLEEP WITH MY WIFE?!"

OOPS! lol

Told him we just had coffee, and they let me be. Literally seconds later, Jeremy rolls up in cab after done banging a few Saipan freelancers, with a "WTF?" look on his face. Good times with some great sex in Saipan for sure.

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