Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quick Monger Stop Over Trip Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Mongering: Australia to Angeles City Via Kuala Lumpur

I usually fly Air Asia from Australia to Angeles City Philippines via Kuala Lumpur. First leg gets me into Kuala Lumpur around 4pm. The Air Asia connection to Clark (Angeles) isn't until about 7am the next morning! So that leaves me with approximately 12 hours and a bit hours free time to kill. If you love hanging around airports (especially 3rd worldish), then go for it and stroll over to Tune hotel to rest up and have refreshments. However, I prefer to do a bit of monger in Kuala Lumpur so I go prefer to make the trip into the city.

My Monger Operation is as follows for Sex in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

* Clear the "dodgy" customs/Immigration at 4pm and walk through the terminal to baggage services;
* Check my luggage (..always just carry-on..) into a locker there for about 6-7 bucks until I return in the morning;
* Walk out and either get SkyBus or equivalent (..sometimes the train network also..) ticket to "KL Sentral" ($7rtn);
* Usually 90min ride into the city where I exit bus at KL SENTRAL and walk to the "Monorail" station (5-10min walk);
* Catch Monorail into the city centre (@$1-2 bucks). Get off at "Bukit Bintang" or "Bukit Nanas" (about 3 stops away);
* These stations are closest to the Twin Towers part of town and a short walk (5-10mins) to bars etc... (Beach Club);
* Take happy snaps at Towers, etc..., before finding a place to eat near Beach Club area. Many good choices nearby;
* Rock into Beach Club around 6-7pm and order a "happy-hour" bucket of beers. Best value as booze is pricey in Kuala Lumpur;
* By this stage I have probably swatted off a dozen or so eager Kuala Lumpur bar girls before I find somewhere comfy to settle in;
* As it's still early, I just flirt with the Kuala Lumpur bar girls or just enjoy my beers until the place picks up a bit. (about 9pm);
* The live music band starts from 10pm and is usually very good music. At this stage the place is pumping with tons of sexy bar girls and Kuala Lumpur freelancers;
* As it's getting late before I need to return to airport for Clark flight, I start picking my girl for some short-time sex;
* The girls always suggest short time hotels across the way (Cabana Inn) and we do the deal and exit for fun & games nearby;
* Hotel is shabby, but has a bed & bathroom, so is all I need to put away some pootang. Usually 2 pops before I finish;
* Pay the girl and get taxi back to "KL Sental" as monorail doesn't run after midnight to 5am. Taxi about $10+ ;
* I usually like to be at KL Sentral by 4am so I am back at LCCT for 6am check in for Clark flight. Bus leaves every 15mins;
* Return to LCCT and grab luggage before check-in & customs to make my 0720am flight to Clark. In Angeles City mongering by NOON!

So, it's a bit of a mongering mission, but time flys & I get to keep my sanity as well as get one away from whatever takes my fancy at the Beach Club. So far I've had only Thai girls & Filipina Girls. Really want to taste some African booty some time. Russians have tried their business on me there, but haven't taken one as yet. I get white meat at home, so no thrill for me when there is so much LBFM around.
So if you travel light and want to keep busy in your 12hr+ layover, you can do something like this and still make your flight in the morning. I've done this half a dozen times without any drama and usually spend under $200 for transport, food/drinks, short time hotel and of course the sex with girls from Kuala Lumpur! they say....UP TO YOU Hansum!!!


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