Sunday, November 18, 2012

Quick Monger Question Answer Guide Manila Philippines

Q & A Manila Philippines Mongering 2012-2013

So I see some fellow mongers in the Philippines and he is a old white male so i think to myself this guy has been around the block so I stop this monger introduce myself and tell him this is my first time mongering here in the Philippines and he laughs asking "what do you need to know about mongering in the Philippines?"

Q.How do you approach these LBFM sexy Filipina girls in the Manila bars?           
A. Easy ask her name, ask if she wants a ladies drink, and if she likes you if she wants to leave with you

Q. How much do I pay for sex in the Philippines as of late 2012?    
A. 1500P, 2000P would be the highest, if she ask for 3000p-4000p tell her to fuck off and move on to another bar,  bargirl or sexy Filipina

Q. Where do i take her to have sex in Manila?      
A. back to your Manila Hotel Room or anywhere you want to have sex in Manila

Q. is there a short time Manila hotel nearby?         

This is basic mongering information in Manila and can be valuable. With this Philippines monger knowledge I will be passing it down to you. A Cab from Manila Bay Cafe to these short time hotels is roughly about 50p-60p. Most Manila cab drivers will not run the meter and will try to charge you 150p that can get me all the way to Makati about 20 min away.  Always ask the Manila cab driver to run the meter and if the cunt doesn't want to only offer him 60p-100p and he still won't budge just get out of the cab, he will most likely budge then.  These Manila short time hotels cost about 400p-500p. Drinks and Manila Bay Cafe (MBC) will go for about 110p for a beer I guess most of you gentlemen drink this fine substance.

I hope this quick Manila Sex and price guide will help you during your monger adventures in the Philippines. You can find all the latest Philippines Sex Nightlife information at Philippines Addicts, the World's largest Philippines nightlife travel and expat community.

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