Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mongering Checking out Pattaya Go Go Bars 2012

Prices of Gogo bars in Pattaya November 2012

After letting my Whats Up a GOGO Thai bargirl go, I tried to sleep but it was around 11pm and figured I would eat some guay tio moo at my favorite place. My cold was flushing itself out and spicy soup helps speed it up or it just appears that way. 

Went back to Pattaya Walking Street and here is what I noticed: 

Happy a gogo: 

Absolutely the best Thai bargirl talent in Pattaya. Some things never change. A lot of tiny rail thin girls with great natural tits. Tons of beautiful Thai bargirl faces. Not as much implants and botched nose jobs as Baccarra and this is why this place gets the nod as the best gogo in least when I was there. I don't like having male waiters in hooker bars but these guys don't try to rip you off and say thank you with a wai when you tip them after paying the bill. Male waiters shitty for business as they all try to fuck the girls or be their pimp boyfriend. Most of these guys seemed gay so maybe that is the trick. Sometimes it is tough to tell if a Thai guy is gay because they all seem fairly feminite in general. Had my eye on 3 different girls that I was interested in barfining. 

Babydolls a gogo 

Basically a carbon copy of Windmill. Seemed just as nuts but the talent even worse than Windmill. You are not going to get top tier hotties or agency girls to work at places like this unfortunately. Lots of stretch marks and deflated tits, skinny girls with butter faces and pretty Thai bargirls with pom pui. More HJ action going on here it seems. 

Sapphire a gogo 

Met two really hot skinny Thai bar girls who had an excellent attitude. Kicking myself for not barfining either of them or both. One bargirl has angel wing tatoos on her ass which is the one striking bad mark in that the tatoo is poorly done. The other girl is about 5'9" and gorgeous. This place has a lot of talent here and there. Kind of a mixed bag but at least 10 girls in the 8-10 range on any given shift. I think the talent here is slightly better than Farenheit. I like sitting at the lounge chairs near the dance floor. The girls will flirt with you more close by for some reason. Did something I rarely do which is buy ladies drinks for two girls at the same time. I was speaking English to one as her English was flawless(tatoo on ass girl) and the other girl in Thai as she spoke zero English. They spoke to each other in Thai of course and things became a bit confusing. Basically just told the English speaking girl to stick to Thai so the other girl is part of the conversation. They were both flirty but not over the top. Really did this place even though the barfine prices are kind of outrageous. Both had 2,000 baht barfines attached to them before midnight and I believe 1,000 at the time I met them. 

Iron a gogo 

This place is nuts. Lots of crazy shit going on at this place and the talent if fairly high. Thai bargirls swinging from rings, lots of girls fully nude, Thai bargirls rubbing each other in some sort of oil in one area. Looked like a Roman orgie type place. 7-8 bargirls that are in the 9 range. 

Went back to Happy a gogo and the Thai bargirl that really got my attention was dancing. Girl must weigh 70 pounds. Nice full B cup tits on a tiny frame and pretty face with fairly light skin. Had the Khorat look. Decided to barfine her and it's amazing that the barfines at Supergirl and Happy are still 600 baht. She got into a nice classy sun dress and looked fantastic. It was pouring rain and there was flooding in Soi Happy. Had to be the gentleman and bought an umbrella. Eventually made it to the street and got a baht bus for Soi Bukhao. Cant go to far to retrieve the baht bus when its raining so hard that my umbrella was collapsing. 

In the room, she immediately took a shower and she was real shy when she came out. She enjoyed DATY a lot but she was real quiet and just faint moans. She gave an ok BBBJ but switched to DFK and she she did not seem too experienced. Eventually went to fuck her in missionary and she was so damn tight that my dick kept bending a bit going inside. She either has little experience or has been fucked by some serious needle dicks as my dick is average on a good day with Cialis. Finished on her stomach and she went to take another shower. She came back in a towel for another round but told her ST was ok even though we had agreed on LT. Gave her 1,500 baht and she was on her way. Got her number, still keep in contact as she is a nice girl and likely also has hot friends.

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