Friday, November 16, 2012

Hard on in Soi 6 Pattaya Thailand Sex Monger Story

Finding Sex on Soi Honey in Pattaya Thailand

Walking down Soi Honey, I then decided to check out a Tailor as I needed three suits made and 4 tailored shirts or so. I will put the card later but first wanted to see one suit made so negotiated 2 tailored shirts and a wool cashmere suit with Thai silk lining for 3,100 baht. I had to leave 2 times before he agreed. Place is called Roni Tailor I believe and is on Soi Honey near Pattaya Second Road. Will post more details and a card later. Great suits but shirts inconsistent...matter of fact, tailored Egyptian cotton shirts have never been done properly in Thailand as far as I can see and you are better off getting shirts in your home country, unless you live in the Philippines

Finding Sex on Soi 6 Pattaya

Took a baht bus down to Soi 6. Had some som tum again. Had a water at several bars and being completely sober during my holiday really fucking sucked. I had a Cialis hard on though and went down to Passions to look for one of the big tittied girls to fuck. It had just opened and the mamasan told me to come back in 30 minutes. Hung out at Soho bar and the Japanese looking Thai bargirl was not occupied for once but I had my sights set on one of the titty girls so I waited and just watched the parade of food carts and ladyboys go by. Eventually walked down to Passions and only the blonde one of the two was there. She is 20 and the least attractive of the two with smaller tits. She has had a kid but is a real sweet girl and DFK ensued in the bar after the first drink. Decided to go upstairs. This place is a bit more expensive than the other Soi 6 bars because it is a gogo bar. Doesn't mean it has hotter chicks but it does have aircon and I did see two Thai bargirls with lovely tits and face working there. It is 300 baht for the room and 1,000 for the Thai bargirl. Told her that I wanted two pops which she was ok with and told her an hour was ST for me. 

Thai Bargirls hesitant about photos during Sex

Upstairs, she was hesistant to take photos and the photos kept coming out fucked up because she had facial whitening cream. She would only allow nude shots without her head. All these Thai bargirls kept saying was "facebook" "facebook" when I asked for nude photos. Nude photos were near impossible this trip. Even the Devil's Den girls were refusing photos and their photos are plastered on the net. Eventually started back to DFK and this girl was quite horny or at least faked it well. Asked if she fucked her Thai bf earlier in a joking way with a smile as I wanted to eat her pussy. I know married guys, Italian guys and germaphobes hate DATY but it really gets the Thai bargirl going and you can get superior service IMHO. Did the look and sniff test and then started my tongue tricks until she seemed to cum and then raised up to start DFK to allow her to taste her juices and then my willie just slid right in without hesitation. Took about 5 minutes to shoot on her stomach. Then took a shower together and I started fingering her and then back to the bad for chatting and makeout sessions. She was having fun and she was showing me some muay Thai moves as I guess she loves going to the matches. Eventually she was on top and sliding back and forth with her labia on my cock to get it hard during DFK. Eventually I became hard again and she put it back in where it belonged. She was doing a nice cowgirl with feet forward and using my chest as a balance area while she thrusted fast. She then let out a loud yell like "ah ah no no...ah ah...yeah yeah ok" then screamed. Other people had to have heard it. Turned her over doggie and finished on her back after 10 minutes of thrusting.


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