Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Brief Mongering in Jakarta Indonesia Breakdown

The Monger Scene and Red Light Districts of Jakarta

Ancol is the red light district in Jakarta Indonesia.

The best hotel to stay is the Travel hotel for mongering in Jakarta in my opinion

This year I brought a Garmin GPS system to track my mongering movements. If you google it, you can find free maps for Garmin. So i downloaded the Jakarta Indonesia map. It was awesome. This is how you get around Jakarta Indonesia. Go to Jakarta 100 website (http://www.jakarta100bars.com/ ) and you will find some useful tips about traveling around the City. They tell you the address. You put it in your Garmin, and take a taxi there.


You see, most foreigners if they are looking to monger in Indonesia don't know about the red light districts in Jakarta because it's a Muslim country. They don't advertise it. And the women on the street wear very demure clothing. But this is a moderate Muslim country. You can drink your face off. And no one cares. Everywhere there is drinking to be had by all.

Did you notice Jakarta girls on the back of scooters late at night?

Those were not girl friends of the scooter guys, those were high school Jakarta prostitutes.
I didn't know either, for years, until someone told me. Then I found out, it's totally true. Cause I went up and asked for this particular Indonesian girl on the scooter. The guy said no problem. Asked me what hotel i was staying at. Told him my room number. And within 15 min. I had that Jakarta girl at my hotel room ready to have sex with me. Super simple.

It's all very deceiving until someone opens your eyes. Once your eyes are open. You start to see all that you missed before. And then you slap yourself in the head and go OH MY GOD, why didn't I see that.
Being a moderate Muslim country, the only places the Jakarta prostitute girls dress slutty is in the bars. Where you think you gotta "pick them up". you don't, just say "hi" and then within 30 min, just ask them if they want to go back to your place. 90% scoring chance. And it's a 50 50 that it's free. Mostly though, you will pay.

Like I said, go to google and type jakarta 100 or go to the website here - http://www.jakarta100bars.com/
I hope this helps if you are looking for sex and girls safetly in Jakarta Indonesia.


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