Friday, October 26, 2012

Working in Asia: Mongering trips to Japan and Singapore

Monger moving from Philippines back home and it sucks

This is what happens after living the dream and mongering for so long in the Philippines. Life has been almost hell since I left Philippines in July for good...Here are some Consequences I have had to face and am facing after leaving Philippines:

1. Severe PPD (Post Philippines Depression)
2. Lack of Pussy and Sex Drought
3. New Job & Office is a Unique combo of Japanese + Indian Shit hole (So I don't exist there anymore...Lolz) Keep in mind that I'm of Indian decent.
4. Excessive trips to Japan (Pussyless and Lifeless country for a monger unless you speak the language and know the right people to show you the ropes)

So after all this I thought it was better to stay shut for a while till I am back in the form again....So I quit my Job, took up some working projects as a Consultant, Spending my free time finding ways to get back to the Philippines for mongering and fun affordable living...

Nightlife and Sex Scene in Tokyo Japan August September 2012

Trips to Tokyo, Japan: Have been a total waste as I even visited Roppongi (the so called nightlife district of Tokyo) but couldn't find a Jap bitch to deal with...what I found was some Night clubs with overly expensive drinks, some teaser Japanese girls and some Nigerian Men on the road trying to get you into their club where in the club you would only find Whores with some Super Mileage on them, and the best thing about it is that..."They are not Japanese" but from other Asian nations and other parts of the world...

A Quick Side mongering trip to Singapore

Out of the midst finally I had a chance to monger a little bit in Singapore and was able to pick up a Vietnamese cutie for SGD $200 (Whole Night) at Orchard Square...I know I know...EXPENSIVE...But what would the poor Tiger do if he has already tasted the LBFM's from Philippines....However, the Vietnamese cutie also turned out to be one hell of a Sweetheart in the Bed....

Back to the Philippines to Monger Christmas 2012

So in my attempt to go back to the Philippines to monger, I am touching the ground in Manila & Angeles City in December 2012 around Christmas time to conquer more Filipino bargirls and freelancer freaks.
Overall to Sum it up...."This was the First & the Last time When Captain Jack Sparrow worked for a Japanese Company"

Overall, don't want to puke my frustration over leaving the Philippines especially it's beautiful Filipinas and great mongering nightlife bars brothels and affordable booze.

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