Sunday, October 21, 2012

Third Mongering trip to Medellin Columbia

A Monger in Columbia South America

Book the flight for 9/11 but did not realize the significance of that date until a few weeks later.  I show up at sfo at 4am and of course it has been canceled.  They said mechanical issues but I think I was the only dummy to book a flight on that day and they canceled due to lack of customers.  That's what I think.  They booked me on the next days flight,  same time.  My entire mongering vacation pushed back one day,  AA gave me a $150 voucher for the inconvenience and taxi cost.

Spent the first night in El Centro at The Nutibara Hotel.  It's a dump in my book ($60 per night) but very close to the strip clubs.  Hit the ground running (Wed. night) and was hunting for a girlfriend at (strip club) Los Americacas.  The first chica I wanted  would go to my hotel for 3 hours at 100,000 pesos.  Got to the hotel and she didn't have ID,  hotel won't let her in.  Go back to L.A's and start all over,  grab the first honey that has a nice smile,  she had a nice everything. 

Medellin Nightlife Prices 2012

The price in the strip club was 80.000 pesos for an hour in the back rms.  I thought it was suppose to be 50,000 so I wasn't going for it.  As I talked to the chica I kept repeating 100,000 por 3 horas en mi hotel,  over and over again.  Soon after we were in the rm. and she was a good performer,  great fleshy tits.  We got out there and stayed up till 4 or 5am.  She was sweet and pretty and did her best for me.  Her body was typical paisa,   curvy yet slender w/ ample tits.  She stayed all night and I gave her 180,000 = $100.  Her exit fee to the bar was 50,000.

Sex in Medellin Columbia 2012

Check out of Nutibara at 12 and head to Hotel Medellin Plaza.  Spend the first night  at HMP recovering from the night before.  Friday and I'm ready for more action,  eventually head down the hill to HMP #1.  See the new bar for the first time and it's fine.  It's approx. 30' sq. w/ couches lining the walls,  small bar off to the side.  This is where the hotel guest end up,  bar opens at 6pm.  I hooked up w/ 4 or 5 chicas from this bar during my stay.  The chicas range from ok to pretty good.  The quality of the sex is the same,  ok to pretty good.  There were a couple of standouts for me,  Monica,  Diana,  Christina and eventually (the famous) Geraldine.  There were also a few duds of course.  Most of the women I experienced were not tight,  almost all had a least one kid.  In retrospect I think the quality of lady (at HMP) has slipped a little from my first visit to HMP in 2011.  

Near the end of my 9 days I hooked up w/ the famous Geraldine.  I saw her at the bar earlier in the week and got her number.  She is a freaking sexy looking paisa.  We got pretty wild and stayed up real late.  Took an early morning swim w/ her and much much more.  She allowed pics eventually and I got some good ones.  Her body is a little worn but still excellent.  Her tits are beautifully shaped and more than a handful.  She is a very sexy woman but she is quite full of herself and constantly being distracted by her phone.  I still enjoyed her but had better sex w/ a couple of other ladies this trip.  I over paid Geraldine because I thought it would benefit me later but it didn't.  She took advantage of my kind nature and in so doing helped me understand the downside of overpaying.  

My big success came in the form of finding a new dentist.  The HMP sent me to their dentist and I thought he was very good.  My dentist in SF's Pac Hts wanted $1,800 for 3 cavities.  My new dentist in Medellin charged me $160 for the same 3 cavities.  I am very happy w/ the work and the way it was done.  So that is huge and will also provide a good reason to return to Medellin in the future.

As for this trip overall,  I wish I had done more things but I stuck w/ the low hanging fruit at La Cueva in HMP #1.  At times I partied like I was in the 80's again and that was fun but it takes a lot out of me.  I did venture into El Centro via el bus and went to the casa,  New Life.  It is a fine experience but rather industrial.  The chica I saw turned up her sexuality once the door was closed and that really helps.  She wanted 30,000 extra for bbbj sin condom and she got it.  But I only got about a minute of bbbj action,  then on w/ condom and the fucking commences.  I'm out of there in 16 minutes.  These women are pros at getting you on your way fast.  I can do w or w/ out the casas.  I would have like to see the more upscale ones,  perhaps next time. 

The HMP cost $70 per night w/ free breakfast,  good wifi,  and free calls to the USA.  My rm was big,  comfortable and very private.  The service there is very good and the 3 owners are friendly and helpful.  I think it's a great hotel for the novice or pro monger.  I liked being in El Centro but not sure about hotels in that area.  The Nutibara is a little dumpy for my taste but doable if you don't mind dingy and old rms. w/ no hot water.  Also checked out the hotels in La Mayorista i/e,  Central Plaza (the best I saw),  Hotel Caravan and the others on that street.  They all offer very small rms. at a small price,  approx. $22 per night.  The Central Plaza had AC and jacuzzi's on top floor.  They are clean and looked comfortable except for being very small.  No fridge in any of them which I like to have in the rm.

I went to La Mayorista twice,  once in the daytime and then again on a Monday night around 12am.  Saw one hottie there in the daytime and nothing on Monday night.  Stupid me,  on the Monday night visit I notice the policia on  the corner.  They are by themselves as everyone on this little strip avoids them except me of course.  As I walk by them they stop me and ask me what I'm doing.  I had a beer in my hand and quickly put it down and out of sight.  I told them I was looking for a cab.  Where are you staying sir?  I'm at the Hotel Medellin Plaza.  After a long look…..OK,  you can go.  And that's exactly what I did.   Hauled ass back to HMP and hooked up w/ Diana (big tattoo on her back,  of her sister) and she was excellent.  She was leaving in a taxi and I flagged that sucker down and pulled her.  I wish I had a few pics of her.  

So my 3rd trip was fine.  I learned a little more and fucked some nice Columbian babes.  Will have to wait a full year before returning to Medellin unless of course my teeth start acting up.  I will also say (in general) that the Colombian girls are spectacular in appearance,  nothing like them here in California,  nothing even close.  


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