Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mongering Sex Bargirls in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Some Nightlife Fun in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia October 2012

Scene 1: Vietnamese Cuisine

Before I stepped onto the hallowed ground of the Philippines (PI), I had to ‘endure’ 1 night in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. I flew from Sydney to KL, then onto Clark (Angeles City) with Air Asia. For any Aussies making the same trip, Air Asia now fly from KL to Clark twice daily. This means the painful overnight stopover in KL is now a thing of the past. However, I was curious & wanted to check out the ‘not-so-prolific’ monger scene of Malaysia. And I’m glad I did.

After some intensive Google research, I decided the Beach Club CafĂ© (BCC) would be my target destination for some female company and sex in Kuala Lumpur. As the taxi approached the bright lights of BCC, I began to get butterflies. Or was it that I myself WAS the butterfly?! Absolutely! I’m a Dirty Old Dog, by name and by nature.

The taxi driver kept joking about all the mischief I would get up to that night. If the monger-Hulk was about to be unleashed, this funny little driver was yanking at the chain, fuelling the fire within. At that moment, I reminisced of days gone by, when mongering in Thailand some years ago. It’s been too long, I thought to myself, as I stepped out of the taxi. “Welcome back” murmured a voice within as I struggled to contain a beaming smile from ear to ear.

My attention was drawn to the huge island bar. It was already overpopulated by middle-aged male mongers, discretely disguised as tourists, and their adorning legions of female companions-to-be. It was already packed; not bad for 8pm on a Thursday night! When the bartender asked what I was drinking, unprepared, I froze… then I looked down at the bucket of 6 Carlsberg beers on the bar next to me, bathing in ice. “You better give me one of those buckets to start with thanks mate” As I walked away from the bar, cradling my beer bucket, I was approached by a cute Thai girl. “Do you need some help with those?” she asked with a devilish smile. Yes, it was official. Hunting season had now begun!
After a few beers, then a few more, I had made my choice: a tall, Vietnamese girl with a Lucy Lui-like appearance and killer curves. Lucy’s tight-fitting dress hugged every inch of her amazing body. The deal sealer for me was her impressive pair of breasts, which appeared to protrude so much from her chest, I was certain they weren’t real. But they were.

As I tried to communicate with Lucy from the elevated ‘VIP’ section I was sitting in, something extraordinary happened. From within Lucy’s circle of friends appeared a little Pocket Rocket. She was short and petite, wearing little more than a skimpy shirt and tiny denim shorts. They began talking and giggling with each other, all the time focused on me. Suddenly, Pocket started dancing… seductively… for me. It was that enticing, dozens of people turned to watch. They looked at me too, like I was the star of a movie. Wait a minute- I was! This was the opening scene of my Cherry Pie: Reunion trip and one of these lovely ladies was about to become my co-star!

Pocket climbed up onto a bar table, continuing her sexual meltdown of the bar. She was touching herself, sliding her hands beneath her denim shorts. She then lifted her fingers to her mouth, sucking them slowly, locking me in her trance. This girl had sexually hypnotized me. I was under her spell and couldn’t resist any longer. I walked down towards Pocket, but was ambushed by Lucy. Pocket jumped down and began grinding against me. Lucy pressed her chest against mine. For the next few minutes, I was entangled within a triangle of lust. The three of us fondled and kissed and danced to the melody of several Long Island Teas.

Making a Sex Deal in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We made a deal. Both bargirls would accompany me for 6 hours (it was now 10pm & I had to catch the taxi to the airport at 4am). "I’ll sleep when I’m dead!" They agreed to nude photos and plenty of girl-on-girl action. Pocket even agreed to do anal, but bailed out when the time came.

Lesson Learned: In Kuala Lumpur, negotiate to pay for sex half upfront & half on completion.

[These sex working girls are much more hardened than their sisters back home. Many are Filipinas, Thai, Chinese Malay, Viet, African, even Russian & Turkish women can be found here. They are well-seasoned money sharks who will hustle & run given the opportunity. Most ‘bargirls’ in KL will try to gain several short-times (ST )in 1 night, as opposed to the overnight GFE common to PI. The usual rate is about MYR300 ($100) for ST of 1-2 hours. Beware! As soon as you pop, they’re packing to leave, even if it’s only been 30min!]

I was firm from the start with my new found lady sex friends. I parted with a bit more coin, as my 2 Vietnamese beauties agreed to stay for the entire 6 hours; therefore, I would be their only customer that night.


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