Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monger Trip to Philippines and Thailand Comparison 2012

Southeast Asia Sex Tour Philippines and Thailand

Part 1 Mongering in Thailand October 2012

Had not been to LOS for 2 years .flew into bangkok and got cab straight to Pattaya, sick of big cities, arrived 10 at night and found out it was some election going on and bars were not allowed to sell alcohol after 12pm.WTF WTF WTF,anyway then my mate stole my bargirl ,i was talking to her first and he knows i like big tits but it turned out ok i got her friend and she was good. 

Next day had my first soapy,fuckin awesome, sabai dee i love few days plenty of alcohol ,go go bars and drunken sex.  I've got bad news for us Philippines lovers, the bar girls in Pattaya bars are hotter on average than their fields road cousins. then it was off to Phuket, i loved riding moped to all the beaches around but i  will not be going back to Phuket, too many fuckin Australians, fuckin touts and
Fuckin high prices but had a good time though.

Koh samui was next, loved it,my first time there, plenty of hot Thai girls, nice beaches , ride moped around island. back to pattaya for last few days then i had highlght of year. on my 2nd last night i met a very shy girl who turned out to be in my top 3 sex nights of my life.

As you can see we broke down on the way to the wrong airport, this is where the Philippines kills Thailand. English speaking, they will rip you off but you will get there. I spent $3200 in 16 days whereas i did 16 days in PI and spent $1800. I've heard much bullshit on here about hotels and food are cheaper in LOS. you get decent rooms at both places for $30 , food is better in LOS no doubt but no cheaper. I hate the bullshit bar fine negotiations then girl negotiations. Give me one price any day 

Part 2 Mongering in the Philippines October 2012

So I flew home to Australia for 16 days, some crap about needing to keep my job, then it was off to my home ground,PI , my 12th or 13th trip, im now losing track of how many. doing this one solo as my mate has run short of funds. only 12 days this time so no time to roam far from my Subic / Angeles mongering haunts. I decided to have more adventure this Philippines mongering trip so i hired a moped and rode the back roads to subic bay for some Philippines Nightlife fun. 

Comparison between mongering in Angeles City and Subic Bay

Fan fucking tastic , about 2 hours of heavy traffic, open roads, villages, good roads, bad roads, potholes you could disappear in, mountain roads. more exciting than the shuttle that's for sure. I'm liking Subic Bay more than Angeles City these days. I know more bargirls in Subic and they stay longer at the same place so you see them each time. i think the bargirls are friendlier too.

The only downside to the bike ride was a little monsoon that started upon arrival in subic and heavy rain never stopped for 4 days and i had to ride back through it. got a puncture ,pushed the bike a few hundred soaked, took ages, loved it.

The only wild thing that happened during this mongering trip was on my last night when i was at my favorite bar in Angeles City. i had been flirting with a non Filipina bargirl for a few nights, her friend worked there and she would come in and play pool and drink beer. i don't like to waste my time trying to get sex with non bargirl because I don't want any maybe nights, I want a sure thing.

Anyway this Subic Bay bar girl asks if i want to go to high society with her and another friend. I'm thinking ,ok i have a few beers then go mongering.  when we get there she is rubbing up against me and I'm starting to like her more and more.  She is 21 and I'm 44 but i have been told I'm very handsome man. bad luck guys they only seem to like me. so while we are dancing she tells me she wants to fuck me but only if her friend can watch.i took a while to think about it and exactly 0.277 seconds later I informed her i would reluctantly accept her proposal. 

The anticipation as we visited a few more Subic Bay bars was high, her Filipina friend was excited because she had never watched anyone before and i was excited because, well its fucking obvious why i was excited. it was all going great and the only slightly weird part was when we were in the 69 position she would sometimes stop sucking me and talk to her friend sitting 1 foot away. I love mongering in the Philippines!

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