Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sex Prices for Filipina Freelancers in Cebu Philippines

Barfine and Prices for Sex in Cebu Philippines

During Christmas time, Filipina freelancers are expecting "X'mas" prices.  Most Filipina freelancers in Mango Square are asking 2000 pesos for short time but they will go down to 1500 pesos if you are insistent. I'm talking about the more attractive ones here. The hardened pro's, often hang around outside J Ave (Juliana) WILL discuss $ upfront.  The ones don't want to be seen like a hooker will most likely never mention it as they want to give you the illusion they are also here on short-vacation from their province (as if Juliana is the #1 place to go for vacation, NOT) - but if they go with you, they already have good feeling you can afford their asking price - which is around 2K - 2.5K for LT.   The Mango bars are a joke and are way over-priced vs Angeles City.  I think Love & City asking price for sex is around 5000 pesos.  Ladies drinks were 390 I think.   Papillion had 3300 php barfines.   Vikings were quoting 3K minimum, with some hotter girls wanting 5K (but quickly went down to 3K when I balked).   Even Sisters are asking 3000 pesos now vs 1800 php I paid few months ago.   Many will tell you there is no barfine but it is up to the girl to go out with you.  Viking next door had something like a 5 drink minimum (@150 php each) before you can barfine them at 2000 php with hotter ones doing only ST which is not the norm in Cebu but I guess there is wave of change with its prices approaching that of Manila.  

I just had a Cebu Filipina Freelancer come to my hotel.  She wanted me to pay her 1.5K fee upfront.  Well, I never pay ahead with freelancers, there is an implicit trust here.  If she doesn't believe I will pay, then out she goes.   So out she went, time for me to go back to Mango Square again.  It's New Years Eve, pretty dangerous from what I hear with the random gunfire into the air - one just might land on me if I'm unlucky.  Hey but if the girls aren't afraid, I won't be either.  If I have chance I'd post some pics, but just giving a recap now. 

Yes, never ever go with a stranger anywhere in taxi if you are not sure.  I've been in Cebu many times and saw the guy a few times when I basically trust my life with  him in a cab..  but I can imagine many ways it could have gone wrong... but then, I can't always live in a sheltered life, mongering in PHP is risky in itself...

Also, do cover it up with Filipina freelancers in Cebu as more and more often, I'm getting some funky smell from the Filipina girls, maybe because I'm doing more freelancers vs Filipina bargirls (who need to pass hygiene).

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Monday, February 11, 2013

First Day and Night Mongering in Bangkok Thailand

Philippines monger veteran in Thailand for the first time

Started the morning early at 7:30 AM and headed to the Citibank near the Asoke BTS station. I stupidly took a taxi before realizing that BKK had an amazing (to me a Californian) public transport system that would have taken me directly there from right out side my hotel to Citibank.

I get there and try the ATM and it says cannot read card. I tried all of them every which way and freaked out because I brought no other cards with me. I went in to the Citigold office on level two and asked if they could help, they did not believe that the ATM did not work, and wanted me to show them. They took me to a special ATM inside and BOOM it worked. I came back a few days later and again had to use this special ATM but it all worked out.

Next I head to the Philippines Embassy, I was going to take a cab but didn’t really trust flagging one down, so I said fuck it I'll walk, but google maps was confusing me. I eventually figured out the BTS sky train could do the trick. I made it there turned in all my paper work for a 12 month multiple re-entry visa and paid the 3150 baht and they said I could come get my passport back on Monday. I'm going to make a real post regarding getting a 12 month visa on another day now that I know the full process.

Next I figure out that the Subway drops me right at my hotel and head back, but there is also a huge mall attached. These malls are not like the bullshit ones in the PI which are huge but hardly have and stock, and though crowded in PI almost no one actually has purchased anything. This is a pumping economy, I had no idea. I head to this food market or something and pick up some nice ass grub. After living in PI for 90 days anything could have been better but I think this was exceptionally good even by American standard.

BTW, I've never felt so damn safe in a city in my life, everyone is polite, quiet and orderly. If anything the worst part of it is that in PI I'm some what of a superstar being a young kano in the sea of (LBFMs. Here in Bangkok they don't give a shit about me, but I was fine with that for now and fuck it's so nice not hearing TRIKE!!!!! Every few steps.

It's only 5pm but I have nothing to do, so I head over to Nana Plaza take a look around. It's basically like a fields avenue stacked in to  3 or 4 story outdoor shopping mall. The real bars hadn't opened yet but the one down stairs were popping with tourists drinking and girls who I guess worked at each bar as waitresses and more. My first impressions were not good, I was no impressed at all with the Thai talent, and I wondered why I ever bothered to leave the PI. I was texting a fellow board member through out the night about how lame Thailand was so far.

It gets a bit later and I get a bit more drunk and start poking in to each bar still nothing that great, same as in Angeles City really, only in Angeles City I feel the love. One bar that did seem to have some Thai bargirl hotties was Lollipops not sure if its related to the one in Angeles City but it has the same logo. I had a few drinks with some ladies but I didn't like the pressure, it seems as soon as you buy a girl a drink they are pressuring you in to going to short time for 2 hours. I'm still there trying to figure out if the girl even likes me enough for me to want to take her short time. I need a connection, or at least a dick buzz in order to get hard enough to do these girls unfortunately, especially in a short time situation where the pressure is on.

I decide to leave without taking a Thai bargirl. I pop in to a few other bars and finally I see this killer cute door girl with amazing little flat tummy and I touch it and tell her shes beautiful, she jokes for me to sit down with her. I do it anyway. After a couple minutes I invite her inside to have a drink, we talk, shes a little reserved as I found all the Thai girls to be vs Pinays. She eventually starts grabbing my dick through my shorts and trying to measure how big it is, I always joke that its very small and they try to see if its true. This is usually a sign that shes not a star fish in my book. Then mama comes around and they both start pressuring for short time, in the hotel also located in the plaza. I eventually give in but ask for a special request if I'm gonna do it. She agrees and I get the price: 600 to the bar, 2000 to the girl, 350 for the room (turned out to be 450!). BTW she was 20, no kids.

So the special request…haha..this is a big step for me admitting this in an open forum because I know how gross and weird it must sound to most if not all of you guys but I don't care any more. I've come to find out that most of you guys are pretty fucked up in you own right so what the hell. I have this thing for girls feet, they turn me on, seeing them, having them touch any part of my body and … smelling them, the more aromatic the more turned on I am. It's like instant viagra. So I especially like to see Thai girls wear closed toe flats and man that’s about what 90% of the Thai girls are wearing around Bangkok in this crazy hot and sweaty city. So through out the day I was fantasizing about what they must all smell like. The problem is, in PI, it's always a struggle to get the girls to let me indulge in this. It's always I'M SHY!, let me take shower first, blah blah blah. There is always some reason why I usually cant get the full enjoyment out of it.

Back to the we get in the room, wow the room is pretty big, cold ass AC, clean toilet and big shower right there all part of the same room. I put her down on the bed before she can go take a shower and said let take off your boots first. She warns me that it will smell, but as soon as I told her I don't care and that I like that. She was like oh, well ok, she was totally fine with it. She laid back and relaxed a bit and I removed the first boot, she had some really sweaty damp dirty socks, I press it to my face and wow boy do they smell….amazing! My dick gets instantly hard, I do the same to the next foot. Then I peal off her socks and reveal very cute small soft feet. I kiss the balls of her feet so that her toes are right on my nose and the smell is crazy good, most smelly I've had the chance to smell in recent memory. I start to suck her toes some more and now I'm really hard. I slap on the condom, put her in to doggy style position and we try to put it in. WOW she is tight and she STAYED tight. Often in the Philippines they are only tight until they get juicy and then its like whatever. I start off going slow and faster and slow again, full long thrusts felt so good in that tight Thai pussy. She was making what I think were involuntary noises barley able to take this huge american beast from behind as I'm doing it, I grab one of her socks and give it an inhale and it propels me to mega hard as I finish up with some deep thrusts and cum. She basically just had to chill for a few minutes to regain her self, I don’t know if she came but I think the trama of the big guy made her need to take a breather. So while she is resting after that, I say fuck it, I get back at her feet, kissing and smelling each while I jack off and cum for a second time within like 10 mins. The smell of sweaty Thai feet is amazing and this weather is perfect for it! I give her the 2000 and as shes putting her boots back on I get a great idea, I offer her 200 for the socks and she gladly hands them over. I have them here right now, and the smell is so powerful, it makes me hard all over again. I think the PAY AFTER system really helps you get what you are looking for and now I might be sold on Thailand.