Friday, October 26, 2012

A Brief Saigon Vietnam Mongering Trip and Prices

Two Mongers Looking for Sex in Saigon

A fellow monger emailed me and said he had a friend in Saigon Vietnam for a visit. His wing man had to return to the States so he asked if I would accompany his friend, no problem. Saigon just keeps getting better and better. We hit a disco Club V the first night and had 2 very good looking Vietnamese bargirls join us, the tits on the bargirl that I had... Oh My God! They were up for some P4P sex but we declined and got their cell numbers for a later date. Went to another disco called Gossip and I only spotted one ugly freelance Vietnamese girl in the building and this place was big and packed to the gills full of Freelance Vietnamese and a few Cambodian girls. The next night we met up with a guy from Australia, he took us to a few mongering spots but not much going on, we headed back to Gossip. Plenty of Vietnamese girls were offering, but no play. I still can't get over how beautiful and well built these Vietnamese girls are, I may never go back to Thailand! 

Vietnamese Freelancer Girl Prices and Negotiation

We headed back to a Saigon mongering spot we met the Australian guy at (24hr place). Told the waiter we wanted some Vietnamese freelance girls for sex, 5 minutes later two hot girls arrived. He took the smiling hottie, 800k and he said she was great and had a good time. I said I didn't like the other one and within 5 minutes 3 more showed up. I had to decline, they were great looking but it was pushing 3am. We hit a karaoke joint last night, we both had 2 Vietnamese freelance girls each and they were absolutely amazing. I love having two beautiful girls to drink and make out with and these girls can drink like fish! I think I'm might be spending more time in D1 from now on, there's a lot of action. The Vietnamese women are the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on, hands down. Tomorrow we are headed out to Vung Tau, a hour and a half boat ride. I have heard that it's a great spot (beach town) and I've heard it's somewhat like Pattaya. We only plan to stay one night because he is flying out on Wed. I'm going to have my camera with me in Vung Tau, lets hope I use it this time!

Some Prices Quoted by Vietnamese Girls for Sex

Prices quoted in Gossip from 1mil-2mil vnd, roughly 50-100 usd. I joking tried to haggle one Vietnamese girl down to 500k she didn't budge and walked off. Ten minutes later she was back again, "are you sure" yes, 500k I'm sure, but no dice. No worries for me, I can only play during the day or early in the evening.

Working in Asia: Mongering trips to Japan and Singapore

Monger moving from Philippines back home and it sucks

This is what happens after living the dream and mongering for so long in the Philippines. Life has been almost hell since I left Philippines in July for good...Here are some Consequences I have had to face and am facing after leaving Philippines:

1. Severe PPD (Post Philippines Depression)
2. Lack of Pussy and Sex Drought
3. New Job & Office is a Unique combo of Japanese + Indian Shit hole (So I don't exist there anymore...Lolz) Keep in mind that I'm of Indian decent.
4. Excessive trips to Japan (Pussyless and Lifeless country for a monger unless you speak the language and know the right people to show you the ropes)

So after all this I thought it was better to stay shut for a while till I am back in the form again....So I quit my Job, took up some working projects as a Consultant, Spending my free time finding ways to get back to the Philippines for mongering and fun affordable living...

Nightlife and Sex Scene in Tokyo Japan August September 2012

Trips to Tokyo, Japan: Have been a total waste as I even visited Roppongi (the so called nightlife district of Tokyo) but couldn't find a Jap bitch to deal with...what I found was some Night clubs with overly expensive drinks, some teaser Japanese girls and some Nigerian Men on the road trying to get you into their club where in the club you would only find Whores with some Super Mileage on them, and the best thing about it is that..."They are not Japanese" but from other Asian nations and other parts of the world...

A Quick Side mongering trip to Singapore

Out of the midst finally I had a chance to monger a little bit in Singapore and was able to pick up a Vietnamese cutie for SGD $200 (Whole Night) at Orchard Square...I know I know...EXPENSIVE...But what would the poor Tiger do if he has already tasted the LBFM's from Philippines....However, the Vietnamese cutie also turned out to be one hell of a Sweetheart in the Bed....

Back to the Philippines to Monger Christmas 2012

So in my attempt to go back to the Philippines to monger, I am touching the ground in Manila & Angeles City in December 2012 around Christmas time to conquer more Filipino bargirls and freelancer freaks.
Overall to Sum it up...."This was the First & the Last time When Captain Jack Sparrow worked for a Japanese Company"

Overall, don't want to puke my frustration over leaving the Philippines especially it's beautiful Filipinas and great mongering nightlife bars brothels and affordable booze.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monger Trip to Philippines and Thailand Comparison 2012

Southeast Asia Sex Tour Philippines and Thailand

Part 1 Mongering in Thailand October 2012

Had not been to LOS for 2 years .flew into bangkok and got cab straight to Pattaya, sick of big cities, arrived 10 at night and found out it was some election going on and bars were not allowed to sell alcohol after 12pm.WTF WTF WTF,anyway then my mate stole my bargirl ,i was talking to her first and he knows i like big tits but it turned out ok i got her friend and she was good. 

Next day had my first soapy,fuckin awesome, sabai dee i love few days plenty of alcohol ,go go bars and drunken sex.  I've got bad news for us Philippines lovers, the bar girls in Pattaya bars are hotter on average than their fields road cousins. then it was off to Phuket, i loved riding moped to all the beaches around but i  will not be going back to Phuket, too many fuckin Australians, fuckin touts and
Fuckin high prices but had a good time though.

Koh samui was next, loved it,my first time there, plenty of hot Thai girls, nice beaches , ride moped around island. back to pattaya for last few days then i had highlght of year. on my 2nd last night i met a very shy girl who turned out to be in my top 3 sex nights of my life.

As you can see we broke down on the way to the wrong airport, this is where the Philippines kills Thailand. English speaking, they will rip you off but you will get there. I spent $3200 in 16 days whereas i did 16 days in PI and spent $1800. I've heard much bullshit on here about hotels and food are cheaper in LOS. you get decent rooms at both places for $30 , food is better in LOS no doubt but no cheaper. I hate the bullshit bar fine negotiations then girl negotiations. Give me one price any day 

Part 2 Mongering in the Philippines October 2012

So I flew home to Australia for 16 days, some crap about needing to keep my job, then it was off to my home ground,PI , my 12th or 13th trip, im now losing track of how many. doing this one solo as my mate has run short of funds. only 12 days this time so no time to roam far from my Subic / Angeles mongering haunts. I decided to have more adventure this Philippines mongering trip so i hired a moped and rode the back roads to subic bay for some Philippines Nightlife fun. 

Comparison between mongering in Angeles City and Subic Bay

Fan fucking tastic , about 2 hours of heavy traffic, open roads, villages, good roads, bad roads, potholes you could disappear in, mountain roads. more exciting than the shuttle that's for sure. I'm liking Subic Bay more than Angeles City these days. I know more bargirls in Subic and they stay longer at the same place so you see them each time. i think the bargirls are friendlier too.

The only downside to the bike ride was a little monsoon that started upon arrival in subic and heavy rain never stopped for 4 days and i had to ride back through it. got a puncture ,pushed the bike a few hundred soaked, took ages, loved it.

The only wild thing that happened during this mongering trip was on my last night when i was at my favorite bar in Angeles City. i had been flirting with a non Filipina bargirl for a few nights, her friend worked there and she would come in and play pool and drink beer. i don't like to waste my time trying to get sex with non bargirl because I don't want any maybe nights, I want a sure thing.

Anyway this Subic Bay bar girl asks if i want to go to high society with her and another friend. I'm thinking ,ok i have a few beers then go mongering.  when we get there she is rubbing up against me and I'm starting to like her more and more.  She is 21 and I'm 44 but i have been told I'm very handsome man. bad luck guys they only seem to like me. so while we are dancing she tells me she wants to fuck me but only if her friend can watch.i took a while to think about it and exactly 0.277 seconds later I informed her i would reluctantly accept her proposal. 

The anticipation as we visited a few more Subic Bay bars was high, her Filipina friend was excited because she had never watched anyone before and i was excited because, well its fucking obvious why i was excited. it was all going great and the only slightly weird part was when we were in the 69 position she would sometimes stop sucking me and talk to her friend sitting 1 foot away. I love mongering in the Philippines!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Third Mongering trip to Medellin Columbia

A Monger in Columbia South America

Book the flight for 9/11 but did not realize the significance of that date until a few weeks later.  I show up at sfo at 4am and of course it has been canceled.  They said mechanical issues but I think I was the only dummy to book a flight on that day and they canceled due to lack of customers.  That's what I think.  They booked me on the next days flight,  same time.  My entire mongering vacation pushed back one day,  AA gave me a $150 voucher for the inconvenience and taxi cost.

Spent the first night in El Centro at The Nutibara Hotel.  It's a dump in my book ($60 per night) but very close to the strip clubs.  Hit the ground running (Wed. night) and was hunting for a girlfriend at (strip club) Los Americacas.  The first chica I wanted  would go to my hotel for 3 hours at 100,000 pesos.  Got to the hotel and she didn't have ID,  hotel won't let her in.  Go back to L.A's and start all over,  grab the first honey that has a nice smile,  she had a nice everything. 

Medellin Nightlife Prices 2012

The price in the strip club was 80.000 pesos for an hour in the back rms.  I thought it was suppose to be 50,000 so I wasn't going for it.  As I talked to the chica I kept repeating 100,000 por 3 horas en mi hotel,  over and over again.  Soon after we were in the rm. and she was a good performer,  great fleshy tits.  We got out there and stayed up till 4 or 5am.  She was sweet and pretty and did her best for me.  Her body was typical paisa,   curvy yet slender w/ ample tits.  She stayed all night and I gave her 180,000 = $100.  Her exit fee to the bar was 50,000.

Sex in Medellin Columbia 2012

Check out of Nutibara at 12 and head to Hotel Medellin Plaza.  Spend the first night  at HMP recovering from the night before.  Friday and I'm ready for more action,  eventually head down the hill to HMP #1.  See the new bar for the first time and it's fine.  It's approx. 30' sq. w/ couches lining the walls,  small bar off to the side.  This is where the hotel guest end up,  bar opens at 6pm.  I hooked up w/ 4 or 5 chicas from this bar during my stay.  The chicas range from ok to pretty good.  The quality of the sex is the same,  ok to pretty good.  There were a couple of standouts for me,  Monica,  Diana,  Christina and eventually (the famous) Geraldine.  There were also a few duds of course.  Most of the women I experienced were not tight,  almost all had a least one kid.  In retrospect I think the quality of lady (at HMP) has slipped a little from my first visit to HMP in 2011.  

Near the end of my 9 days I hooked up w/ the famous Geraldine.  I saw her at the bar earlier in the week and got her number.  She is a freaking sexy looking paisa.  We got pretty wild and stayed up real late.  Took an early morning swim w/ her and much much more.  She allowed pics eventually and I got some good ones.  Her body is a little worn but still excellent.  Her tits are beautifully shaped and more than a handful.  She is a very sexy woman but she is quite full of herself and constantly being distracted by her phone.  I still enjoyed her but had better sex w/ a couple of other ladies this trip.  I over paid Geraldine because I thought it would benefit me later but it didn't.  She took advantage of my kind nature and in so doing helped me understand the downside of overpaying.  

My big success came in the form of finding a new dentist.  The HMP sent me to their dentist and I thought he was very good.  My dentist in SF's Pac Hts wanted $1,800 for 3 cavities.  My new dentist in Medellin charged me $160 for the same 3 cavities.  I am very happy w/ the work and the way it was done.  So that is huge and will also provide a good reason to return to Medellin in the future.

As for this trip overall,  I wish I had done more things but I stuck w/ the low hanging fruit at La Cueva in HMP #1.  At times I partied like I was in the 80's again and that was fun but it takes a lot out of me.  I did venture into El Centro via el bus and went to the casa,  New Life.  It is a fine experience but rather industrial.  The chica I saw turned up her sexuality once the door was closed and that really helps.  She wanted 30,000 extra for bbbj sin condom and she got it.  But I only got about a minute of bbbj action,  then on w/ condom and the fucking commences.  I'm out of there in 16 minutes.  These women are pros at getting you on your way fast.  I can do w or w/ out the casas.  I would have like to see the more upscale ones,  perhaps next time. 

The HMP cost $70 per night w/ free breakfast,  good wifi,  and free calls to the USA.  My rm was big,  comfortable and very private.  The service there is very good and the 3 owners are friendly and helpful.  I think it's a great hotel for the novice or pro monger.  I liked being in El Centro but not sure about hotels in that area.  The Nutibara is a little dumpy for my taste but doable if you don't mind dingy and old rms. w/ no hot water.  Also checked out the hotels in La Mayorista i/e,  Central Plaza (the best I saw),  Hotel Caravan and the others on that street.  They all offer very small rms. at a small price,  approx. $22 per night.  The Central Plaza had AC and jacuzzi's on top floor.  They are clean and looked comfortable except for being very small.  No fridge in any of them which I like to have in the rm.

I went to La Mayorista twice,  once in the daytime and then again on a Monday night around 12am.  Saw one hottie there in the daytime and nothing on Monday night.  Stupid me,  on the Monday night visit I notice the policia on  the corner.  They are by themselves as everyone on this little strip avoids them except me of course.  As I walk by them they stop me and ask me what I'm doing.  I had a beer in my hand and quickly put it down and out of sight.  I told them I was looking for a cab.  Where are you staying sir?  I'm at the Hotel Medellin Plaza.  After a long look…..OK,  you can go.  And that's exactly what I did.   Hauled ass back to HMP and hooked up w/ Diana (big tattoo on her back,  of her sister) and she was excellent.  She was leaving in a taxi and I flagged that sucker down and pulled her.  I wish I had a few pics of her.  

So my 3rd trip was fine.  I learned a little more and fucked some nice Columbian babes.  Will have to wait a full year before returning to Medellin unless of course my teeth start acting up.  I will also say (in general) that the Colombian girls are spectacular in appearance,  nothing like them here in California,  nothing even close.  

Mongering Sex Pricing in Russia for Freelancers

Russian Mongering and Working Girls

Each to their own on monger, Asian women for me are alright and if it is the game that is in town, then I will partake, but I much prefer either Latino or Hispanic women and then Eastern European women to Asians. Each to their own and variety is the spice of life. If everyone was the same, it would be a mighty boring place.

Most of the ladies in my mongering pictures are from Vladivostock, Pskov, St Pete, Moscow, and the Ukraine. When I was in the various 'stans (Khazakastan, Tajikistan, Kurgyzstan, etc) most of the time I was not able to take picture of the sex ladies with no clothes.

I will return soon from Russia, and am not sure if I should post my pics from my trip. It is amazing how much prices here have risen. With the weakening of the Euro, the Dollar is more attractive right now and gets a better exchange rate.

It still gets rather cool here in the evening and late one night a couple of days ago I was walking back to my hotel room wearing my black Russian Karakul great coat and black Karakul Ushanka. With my short beard I am told I look very Russian. I walk with a cane due to injuries suffered while in the Army.
Since I am conversant in Russian and speak it with a Moscovite accent (my teacher is from Moscow and I have picked up her accent) the working girls around my hotel assumed I was Russian and would often wave at me as I returned to my hotel room.

Picking up a Russian girl for sex

One night, as I walked back from supper, minding my business a little tipsy from too much vodka with my hosts, one of the working ladies asked me why I did not have a girlfriend. I had passed this large gaggle of working girls in the alley beside my hotel many times and had passed them with nary a look before this one hooker stepped in front of me.

I told her that I did not require her services as I had a lady friend who took care of my needs. She was not happy but offered all night for $300 USD. I laughed at her, and proceeded to walk around her when she dropped the price for all night to $200 USD.

I told her I was still not interested despite the fact that she was the best looking of the bunch. She got mad and called me some rather unflattering things, but I walked into my hotel and had a good laugh with the doorman who had watched the whole thing.

I have found the Russian hookers now are rather aggressive. I have a friend in the police that I am seeing tomorrow I intend to ask him about the number and aggression of working freelance Russian girls on the streets. Both seem to have increased dramatically since I was last here.

I happen to love the Russian language and culture of the Russian and freelance ladies. I also love their accent. They can be cold and heartless, but sometimes I wonder if that is a trait of the Russian culture not necessarily the Russian lady.

There are certainly some mercenary-minded ones and the street hookers are very predatory. I was talking to the mamochka (Russian mamasan – usually an older semi-retired whore that is tasked with talking to the johns, finding what kind of girl he wants, agreeing on price and directing the john to the tochka I.E. meeting spot) the other night as I walked by on my way to my hotel room.

I do not smoke anymore but still carry a Zippo out of habit. I made the mistake of giving the mamochka a light. So to her this means I am a friendly sort and she usually talks to me for a few minutes each evening as I walk back to my room. I also made the mistake of talking to one of the girls a few days ago.
I enjoy walking in the evenings after supper and I am usually attempting to burn off the too much vodka my hosts have had me drink during supper.

In the alley between my hotel and whatever the drab depressing stone behemoth Soviet-era building that neighbors it, a lot of ladies sit in cars waiting for customers.

Brief Explanation of the Russian Mongering Scene

You meet the mamochka at the entrance and tell her what you are looking for. I usually run into mamochka at the end of the alley before the steps to my hotel. I have heard rumors that most of the ladies work for the Vory but I do not know this for sure although I am sure there is probably some connections somewhere.

I have noticed a few ladies lurking in the hotel lobby as well. You cannot get in a taxi hardly without the cabbie offering girls for sex, blow and weed not necessarily in that order.

Most of the ladies here want $300 USD for all night, but a few will go as low as $170 for all night if you are offering supper, a shower, and condoms. I have ran into several ladies offering BBFS - Yikes!
Make sure your liquor is locked up, because these ladies will drink any alcohol they find.

Mamochka tells me that business is slow. There are so many Russian girls working now that it is hard to keep all the ladies busy. Many spend a week or so without a customer.

While prostitution is quasi legal in Russia and some of the FSU states, and the age of consent is 16 (met some German lads the other night here looking for young pussy in that age range – sounded like trouble to me) I have found that if you go to the nicer clubs, spend a little money (no cheap charlies) and are a decent fellow it is not hard to find a woman to date.