Saturday, January 16, 2016

First Trip to Jakarta Indonesia For Mongering Interesting

 Jakarta Mongering December 2015

Very interesting things Jakarta Indonesia for mongering, seems to be lots of resources to find Indonesian girls, but traffic is horrible.

Stayed near Shangra La hotel, which has Bats bar, a hangout for prostitutes

Many girls want foreign man, used Tinder, DIA, Wechat (mostly escort companies on wechat)

First girl, from Tinder, we meet and hangout at hotel lobby for a bit. 
She's simple, but cute. After an hour, we're in my room, she lets me know she's a virgin and promised her parents she wouldn't give it away. I wasn't trying to force on her, so think she was telling the truth. She gave her first BJ and took her first facial. If I worked on it a bit more, probably could have taken her virginity, but rather her keep her promise to wait for marriage. Just a normal date and fun, no charge

Second girl, wechat contact. You'll get contacted all day long by companies asking if you want massage.
They'll send you a girl, been hit and miss, first girl wasn't too cute, but was ok session

Third girl, DIA date, she wants to meet me with her friend who cancelled, so it's just us. 
We meet at the mall, hangout for a bit, back at hotel, she tells me we can't do anything, now this girl was very shy and innocent, tiny girl, very much expected she was a virgin too given the first experience. But she's had a few men. One thing leads to another and she gives it all up. Another freebie

Been talking to another girl on Tinder who tells me she wants a foreign man to take her virginity, and wants to meet.
Seems very legit, but she was pretty ugly, so I couldn't pull the trigger on that one. 

Finally, to Bats, find a skinny girl whos very cute, take her to the room.

Another girl been messaging me all day on WeChat and says she's in bats now, seems she's some sort of unknown model, who's only here a few weeks.
I take her later in the night.

Try another Wechat connect during the day, and some very cute girl shows up, then as we're getting started, she starts crying (which sickly turns me on). She just doesn't like what she does, but does it pretty well.

Many of the girls seem ok with doing it all natural, similar to angeles. 
Girls all have same large boobs in clothes like girls in phils, but when they take off clothes, it's actual tits, and not just padding.

The downside is the selection is pretty small, I didn't make it to other bars like Blok M, or CJ's, but overall, pretty pleased with Jakarta

Mongering in Jakarta Indonesia December 2015

The Big Durian is, IMHO, THE best city on the planet for chasing indonesian prostitute girls. Just LOVE them (and they love US!).  And most Muslims in Indonesia have less sexual hangups than most Catholic girls.    The traffic and cigarette smoke are the two biggest bummers.   Avoid traveling  South to North in the morning, or North to South in late afternoons or evenings. If you MUST, take the Transjakarta busway which has a dedicated lane and is MUCH faster than taxis.  ONLY take Blue Bird Group taxis. Repeat: ONLY take Blue Bird Group taxis. 

Block M has gone to shit in recent years. BATS is also WAY passed its prime (CJ's at the Melia is the MUCH more in spot for high end freelancers). DO check out Marabaya Massage on 4th floor of Hotel Melawai in Block M. Dayshift MUCH better than night.  Great place to meet expats to show you secret spots. The Kota Indah bars have fresh from the kampung girls for cheap prices but almost no English spoken and the smoke is intolerable. Suggest Hotel Travel as an easier alternative for a first timer.Bahasa is the simplest language on Earth to learn so DO try to learn a bit. Will help you a lot.

Kota has best girlie action but is not a pleasant place (VERY polluted, crowded and noisy) .  To see the upscale parts of Jakarta, must go SOUTH of Block M to Menteng and Keborayan Baru. Loads of great restaurants there too (Kota is a culinary wasteland) . One of the very best is  Turkuaz, an AWESOME Turkish restaurant in a lovely facility that looks like a Sultan's palace.    The leafy boulevards in that area are a World apart from Kota (North Jakarta). 

Plaza Senayan, about 2/3rds the way South, is THE happening spot on the weekends especially,  where Jakarta's rich girls go to party. Unlike Thailand and the PI, rich girls are not off limits to foreigners in Jakarta, quite the contrary. Spacing on the name of the big nightclub there now but if you go at night on a weekend just follow the crowd.  Dress sharp, Angeles City Pattaya wear will NOT do (they wont let you in if wearing shorts or flipflops etc).


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