Monday, October 28, 2013

Mongering Nightlife in Geneva Switzerland

A Monger in Geneva

Geneva Swtizerland isn't well known as a mongering or nightlife spot and with good reason but like most European cities though it has its share of hidden brothels and streetwalkers freelance girls. So for anyone over there on business or a layover, here are my insights from my recent trip to Geneva. 

The red light district of Geneva Switzerland is in an Central NE area of the city called "Paquis" and specifically down a road called "Rue de Berne". there is usually one or two SW around whatever time of day you go there but from 6pm onwards the numbers really swell. I was there on a Friday night and in my 20 minute wanderings I would say that I saw 200 SW with 3 establishments with ladies advertising themselves in the windows (around 5 girls in each of there). The quality was poor overall with all the ones I saw over 35 (oldest one must have been 50!), about 60% white, 30% black and 10% Asian (I believe Thai). None higher than a 6 on a hotness scale and most around a 4 and overweight. Anyone wandering around should be warned there are loads of African youths hanging around. I think they are the pimps but didn't stick around long enough to find out the prices (I hear i can be CHF100 for 20 mins).

The brothel scene has much better picks. Each brothel has 4-6 girls on duty at a time when you walk in they are lined up in the hallway ready for your inspection usually topless or in lingerie. All are very slim , toned and 25yrs or younger. Mostly blonde Eastern European but some Spanish/ Latin/ Italian. They were on average an 8, the worst one I saw was a 7.5. So the prices can also be found on the website but FYI it was CHF100 for 20 minutes & CHF200 for 30 minutes. I got a BBBJCIM for CHF200, expensive compared to Asia but hey .... works out cheaper than a date with a regular girl in the West.

This chain has 7 hidden brothels around the city of Geneva. Went to see 4 of them which have been marked on the attached map. The best on I think is down "Rue Rodo" (marked with the largest spot). If you don't like the one on the first floor there is also another branch on the ground floor and a rival chain called "Venusia" right next door. FYI Venusia is open 24hrs charges about the same price as Geneva girls (which opens 11am-2am) but their girls are much less appealing being on average older and not as toned. Hotness scale of 5-7 for Venusia.

Also, completely unrelated to sex, there is a great English pub 200m away called "Lady Godiva" the food is pretty good, beers are all imported British and they show Premier league football. A great place to recover from your exertions with the girls.

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