Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sex Prices for Filipina Freelancers in Cebu Philippines

Barfine and Prices for Sex in Cebu Philippines

During Christmas time, Filipina freelancers are expecting "X'mas" prices.  Most Filipina freelancers in Mango Square are asking 2000 pesos for short time but they will go down to 1500 pesos if you are insistent. I'm talking about the more attractive ones here. The hardened pro's, often hang around outside J Ave (Juliana) WILL discuss $ upfront.  The ones don't want to be seen like a hooker will most likely never mention it as they want to give you the illusion they are also here on short-vacation from their province (as if Juliana is the #1 place to go for vacation, NOT) - but if they go with you, they already have good feeling you can afford their asking price - which is around 2K - 2.5K for LT.   The Mango bars are a joke and are way over-priced vs Angeles City.  I think Love & City asking price for sex is around 5000 pesos.  Ladies drinks were 390 I think.   Papillion had 3300 php barfines.   Vikings were quoting 3K minimum, with some hotter girls wanting 5K (but quickly went down to 3K when I balked).   Even Sisters are asking 3000 pesos now vs 1800 php I paid few months ago.   Many will tell you there is no barfine but it is up to the girl to go out with you.  Viking next door had something like a 5 drink minimum (@150 php each) before you can barfine them at 2000 php with hotter ones doing only ST which is not the norm in Cebu but I guess there is wave of change with its prices approaching that of Manila.  

I just had a Cebu Filipina Freelancer come to my hotel.  She wanted me to pay her 1.5K fee upfront.  Well, I never pay ahead with freelancers, there is an implicit trust here.  If she doesn't believe I will pay, then out she goes.   So out she went, time for me to go back to Mango Square again.  It's New Years Eve, pretty dangerous from what I hear with the random gunfire into the air - one just might land on me if I'm unlucky.  Hey but if the girls aren't afraid, I won't be either.  If I have chance I'd post some pics, but just giving a recap now. 

Yes, never ever go with a stranger anywhere in taxi if you are not sure.  I've been in Cebu many times and saw the guy a few times when I basically trust my life with  him in a cab..  but I can imagine many ways it could have gone wrong... but then, I can't always live in a sheltered life, mongering in PHP is risky in itself...

Also, do cover it up with Filipina freelancers in Cebu as more and more often, I'm getting some funky smell from the Filipina girls, maybe because I'm doing more freelancers vs Filipina bargirls (who need to pass hygiene).

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