Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mongering on Mango Ave in Cebu Philippines

Filipina Bargirls on Mango Street in Cebu

Tonight I decided to check out these Cebu bars on Mango Ave and do some mongering. The weather was making a turn for the worst but I still wanted to get out for a walk so I showered up and changed and headed on down to Mango. From the Cebu Hotel, it was only about a 10 min walk to the main stretch of bars. I had read about several of them on here and decided to try the Viking bar first. When I arrived I surprised to find it a lot smaller then I imagined it inside. There was no cover and when I got there around midnight, there was maybe 10 girls and 4 or 5 guys inside. About 6 of the girls were actually very nice looking but none of them seemed too interested in getting any business. In fact on the back couch by the door there was 2 of the dancers and 3 of the waitresses sleeping, lol. I bought a couple of San Miguel Lights for 65 pesos each and eventually, I started chatting up one dancer who was at least attentive to me. Girl drinks were 150 pesos and nobody was pushy at all. I didn't pull the trigger in here but I was told the bar fine was 2K pesos.

After two beers I left and walked next door into BG's bar. Another small bar but many more Filipina bargirls. It has kind of a weird layout in an “L” shape and I didn't even see the couch area in the back because it was hidden when you first walked in. There was probably 15-20 bargirls in here and maybe 12 guys, including several Koreans. Still pretty dead though and none of the guys seemed to be doing much besides staring and drinking. I sat down with a lighter skinned girl that was not that great looking in the face but was affectionate and fun to talk with. Tonight I wanted to have a threesome so I asked this Filipina girl (can't remember her name now) if she liked girl on girl and she said she did and had a friend who loved to lick her (her words, lol) Her friend came over and she was a spinner with a hot slim body named Kissha. I've seen her in pics on the forum here before. She has “Love Michael” tattooed on her one hip and just had a baby 6 months ago apparently. It's amazing how she can have a kid and only 6 months later have a super tight stomach again. What was hilarious as well was that as soon as Kissha came over, she recognized me from Date in Asia! That's someone with a steel trap of a mind, because I had never messaged her. All I had done was view her profile and send her an interest because that's how I “tagged” the good ones that I might follow up on. I'm sure she gets hundreds of interests from guys and I was kinda flattered that she could pick me out even when my only pic on Date in Asia was 8 years old.

Cebu Mango Street Drink and Barfine Prices

Drinks prices in BG's were the same... 60 pesos for San Miguel Pale and regular beers and 65 for light. 150 pesos for lady drinks. The bar fine here was only 1700 pesos though. I bought the girls a couple of lady drinks and it was fun when the power went out a couple of times due to the thunderstorms rolling through. The lights only stayed off for less then a min each time though.

I didn't feel like bar hopping anymore so I pulled the trigger on Kissha and her friend and paid the barfine to the mamasan then off we went into the rain outside to grab a cab. In retrospect, I tend to make this mistake a lot when i am mongering in a new place. I go out when I am eager to find someone and I pull the trigger too early. It's much nicer when you can spend a few days and visit several places and get to know the girls before you spend the money on them. I had a decent time with these two and got my rocks off doing Kissha doggy style, but they were just too mercenary as soon as we left the bar for my tastes. First they didn't want to spend any time just getting to know each other and fooling around and then they wanted extra for me to photograph them. So in the end, I got what was agreed but nothing more and I certainly wouldn't pull these two again unless they had a major change in attitude. They also got no extra tip from me.