Sunday, January 13, 2013

From Korea to Angeles City to Cebu Mongering

Monger in Angeles City Arrives

I got to Osan Air Base South Korea around February, it was a cold and rainy day, a day that would forever change my life in both good and bad ways. I had sworn just weeks earlier that I would never go out to the ville and peruse the clubs there, I would be in the gym on base working out every night. Well that lasted all of about 1 month and I was bitten by the stories of what everyone else was coming back on base and telling me, so I said fuck it, it's time to venture out and what I saw out there my friends really took me back.

I stepped into the first Angeles City bar with a good friend of mine and the beauty of these Filipina bargirls dancing on stage put my mind on one track and that was sex! Now this was a couple years ago so some things may be a little shaky but I will do my best, and I promise you will enjoy this story, at least I know I did. After seeing what could be possible to find in the Philippines I knew where I was going on my mid tour leave. Back to the club, the first one was called Lazy Daze and man I immediately locked eyes with one of the "juicy" Filipina bargirls, beautiful, nice rack and an ass to die for. I called her over and bought her about 3 LD's called juices in South Korea, she sat with me for the better part of 2 hours with the occasional go and dance on stage and come back down. I swear to you this girl looked like a Filipina Halle Berry and she was sweet and caring, yea I know that's her job but I didn't know at that time what I was getting myself into. She was from Rizal, somewhere in the Philippines, I wasn't paying much attention because I couldn't keep my eyes off the rack, something like that Charlie Brown teacher. Ok back to the topic, so there I was sitting with this girl and I order my first drink in Korea, Soju and that was one of the worst mistakes of my life. Soju is usually mixed with something like Kool-aid and you really don't taste the alcohol, and it really doesn't hit you until you have drank the whole kettle and go to stand up and take a piss, and that's when it happened, BOOM I hit the floor and I mean hard. Well my bud got me up, made sure I had my wits about myself and showed me to the John, I made it successfully and strolled back out like nothing ever happened. Now South Korea is nothing like Angeles City or anywhere else in Philippines because the bargirls there costs, and I mean costs, $300 to what they call pay their night off or bar fine. Well I jumped in head first and the rest is pretty much history, this girl made me her bitch and i obliged I was screaming and trying to get away and she slammed my ass back on the bed and said she wasn't done. Mind you I am 6'3" about 260 and she was all of 5 foot and about 110 and she could handle her business. Well I fell in love that first night and I would bar fine her a few more times before I left Korea....

Seeing how I had fallen for this chick, it got me to wondering what the rest of the Filipina girls that are in Philippines are like. I started a search the next day for Filipina women and what comes up Date in Asia, and Asian Euro. So I join put in my information and said I would be coming to Angeles City from the 15th of December through the 4th of January. I had so many hits and while sorting through them I ran across this absolute stunner and she lived in Cebu, Lapu Lapu city or something of that nature. Her name was Sherlyn,(I will find pictures) and we chatted for a while and she seemed like the most lovable most genuine girl I had ever met. I am a sucker for a sweet Filipina girl. So at that moment I made a hasty change of plans, got on Agoda, and booked a room for 1 week at Cebu White Sands at Maribago Beach. I then searched many airlines and bought my ticket with Cathay Pacific and had top notch service 400 round trip from Seoul to Cebu direct.

It came time for me to take my vacation, I had been chatting with Sherlyn and several other ladies by YM and were lining them up. I met one girl who told me she was a part of MILF and that I should come down to Basilian(spelling) and meet her, so the first thing I did was Google this place and found out it is nowhere I needed to be so I politely declined. So wheels up, it was a bitter cold morning in Korea, had to leave at about 5 AM to make to Seoul for my flight leaving much later that day. I checked in walked around this massive airport for hours looking at all the sexy Korean women and trust me there are some, when I came across a money exchange and I thought hey I don't even have any Pesos yet so I changed 500 USD to Pesos, and I started feeling good. Got money will travel! Time for the flight, I board the plane and Cathay has top notch service, they gave me the seat in the middle emergency exit, and on their plane it was a huge space, so I was relaxed for the whole flight.

Wake up and it's black dark put heard the pilot saying we were on initial descent and I looked at and saw the lights of Cebu and a smile stretched from ear to ear. I am here I said to myself, it's time to get it. Well immigration went smoothly, and out the door I went, and who was waiting for me but, Sherlyn, and her entire immediate family. She ran over and gave me the biggest hug and I felt more and more for this girl. They had arranged a van for me already and I get in sit down and Bam 1500p to get to the resort I had booked, I didn't want to seem like a cheap ass in front of the family so I paid. Arrived at the resort, first thought, very nice, checked in and I asked Sherlyn what is the best beer here and she said SM, but then I saw a few gentlemen at dinner and were drinking something equivalent to a 40 ounce, so I asked what it was, they told me Redhorse, and so I ordered one. Sherlyn told me to drink it slowly because it will hit me fast, and boy did it ever.

Meanwhile, I got checked into my room, average, and of course I was on the wall next to the street and I could hear karaoke already and thought this room would be horrible. Sherlyn asked if I wanted to go to the mall, and we did, walked a bit around with the entire family still in tow. Came to a food place, ChowKings and the family asked if I would like to eat there, I said ok, not knowing I was footing the bill for everyone. I ordered Lumpia, and Sherlyn ordered me Halo Halo and we ate, held hands doing the couple thing. It was time to pay and I looked around and noone had their hands in their pockets so I thought to myself, really? Footed the bill left, in the same van and took her family home and she told me should would stay with me the whole time I am here. I didn't know that she would do that especially with her mom having been around. Anyway back to the resort, we walk all 20 yards of the ugly man made beach and decided it was time for bed, chi ching. Little did I know I was in for a surprise, she did not give mt the ass the first night, and i am thinking what the fuck is going on. I guess she was a good girl, but she was spending the night in my room and I couldn't get any ass, I didn't press and fell on asleep.

Next morning she wakes me early and said she would like to show me Cebu, she took me to a Taoist temple, with big dragons outside, took me to Beverly Hills, some hill way above the city where there was a friendship bell and then to the family's home. I sat while she got more clothes to come back and stay with me and her "cousin" comes in and says he would like to give me some more tattoos. I told him no thank you, and he asked to see all of my ink and I showed him and he said he could do better, i told him I am sure he could but I am not in the mood for getting inked on my vacation. She wore my red basketball shorts and one of my t shirts that day, and now that I think about it, I never got them back. Back to the resort we go, have dinner, nice live music with a lady singing, she comes over to our table and asks for request and what does Sherlyn say, but Dancing Queen by ABBA. She sang we sat back and drank Redhorse, and ate BBQ and had a good night. Ok after such a great day of sightseeing, eating and enjoying each other's company I knew she wouldn't play me this night and I would get some. We get in the room she wants to shower with me, yes first base at least, we get out dry each other off and she lays in bed and pretends to go to sleep. I am thinking she has done this before. I lay down beside her just staring and she opens her eyes smiling, I hit her with a pillow cause I thought I wasn't getting any.


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