Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tijuana Mexico Bargirls and Mongering Trip 2012

Mongering in Tijuana Mexico

I got an e-mail from Southwest Airlines with some ticket sales.  San Diego was pretty cheap so I took a last minute trip to Tijuana.  I had Monday off for Martin Luther King day so why not?   I have been there a number of times but never stayed on the Mexican side of the border (I used to live in Chula Vista).   $50 a night for a nice hotel above one of the bars in Zona Norte, the only part of town that prostitution is legal.  My hotel is above Tropical Bar - I recommend Hong Kong's hotel in Mexico.

Day 1 Saturday

Well the flight was horribly delayed.  They are repairing a couple runways in Phoenix and it has the whole region fucked up.  Once we finally get in the air we break down.  Some electronic failure in the anti-skid brakes.  San Diego airport has a short runway so we get diverted to a longer runway airport--- Phoenix! So now we sit on the tarmac for 1 1/2 hours getting repairs.  I get to TJ right after dark on Saturday. I was supposed to have gotten here around lunch time.  When you are only going for 3 days/2 nights this is a bad start.

So I drop my stuff off at the hotel, take a quick shower and hit the streets.   I grab a chile relleno at a little joint.  Very tasty!  Now on to the monger prowl.

I forgot how much fun Tijuana mongering can be.  The street is lined with girls and you just wander around and window shop.  There are also bargirls.  The Tijuana bargirls usually cost a bit more and from what I saw most of them were a bit thicker.  I guess that is what is popular here.  Most of the street freelance girls looked younger, and prettier to me.  I like the smaller girls usually.  Most were wearing little school girl skirts.  And I mean little!  The ones I picked up actually just had a strip of plaid cloth that barely covered their ass and it was just safety pinned on.  Not really a proper skirt even... but looked great! One was in a g-string and a bikini top.  She looked hot!  I was wearing a jacket so really she looked cold, but hot!

I will say up front that they all have names, they all told me their names, I didn't care enough to remember the names 1 second later.  All you get is a 30 minute quickie so who has time for small talk.
First thing I see that gets my interest is a 22 year old cutie on the street.  Great little spinner.  $30 for the girl $6 for the room. At first she said $20 but when I asked what all was included I found out it would be $10 extra to actually have her get naked and fun.  $20 would have been skirt off, shirt on, super quickie.  I opted for the $30 deluxe quickie.  She was pretty good.  In 30 minutes you get a little bit of a blow job and a quick fuck.  But she made it seem longer, no rush and we had lots of fun.  Ok, I had fun and she faked it well. Really cute little thing too, but you will just have to believe me because I got no pics, sorry.  (we run about 50% on pics, I think) Very nice little perky tits and delicious nipples.

The trip got a slow start but is picking up nicely.  It is about 8 PM on my first night, I got a good meal and an awesome lay.  Also these hotels say 30 minutes and they mean exactly 30 minutes or they will start beating on the door.  When you beat on the door and rush me out don't be surprised when you don't get the requested tip, asshole.

I then hit half a dozen clubs of various quality.  Adelita is the best known and supposedly best looking bargirls.  They had tons of sexy Mexican girls, the place was packed and fun. But  I didn't see any girl I liked.  As I said they tend to be on the thick side.  But a fun bar.  New York was very small, only a couple girls, pretty dead, didn't even order a drink. Tropical Bar has a dance floor where you actually dance with the girls - not a strip joint. Very popular with the locals, not my style.  Some pretty girls but again mostly chunky.  I was warned not to go to Playboys so I didn't (rip-off I was told). I was also told that El Pollo bar had the youngest (but legal) girls on the strip.  I went where the map said it was and it was something else now.  It was also so dead I barely made it the door before leaving, bummer.   Almost went to Hong Kong but they wanted a cover charge.  No one has a cover charge.  They say it is not a cover you just pay $4 for the first beer. And the doorman was very rude so I moved on.

Mermaids club sounds interesting.  Strip club downstairs and you take them upstairs to a massage parlor for the fun.  $35 to the house for the massage, $60 to her for full service, for an hour. A bit expensive but she seemed like she would be worth it.  So I took Jennifer (her name I remember!) I got some pics.  She was a pretty lame masseuse but an incredible lay! And she must wax not shave.  She had the smoothest pussy I ever seen.  But I  just could not bring myself to eat any of these girls.  What a shame, but they fuck a dozen guys a night      She is 23 and has 4 kids.  No stretch marks, super tight pussy, good muscle control too!  Overall she ties for first place.  Super nice, tons of Tijuana mongering fun, just really nice.


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