Sunday, December 2, 2012

Brief Sex Mongering Girls Guide to India

India Monger Tips

Although mongering in India is not really the thing to do, here are a few monger tips that might be used if you are there on business, travel or pleasure. Hotels in India are pretty good priced and there are a lot of decent options for comfortable rooms.

Cities, Location and Possible Sources for Mongering in India:

Locality of Indian Whore Houses and Brothels:

Mumbai: Kamathi pura
Delhi: GB Road
Kolkata: Sonagachi
Goa: Baina Beach

I won't recommend any one of you to going there without a local Indian to help guide you in your mongering because it's a risky and shady area and lot of Indians will also not be interested in going there.

Indian Freelancers are referred as "Call Girls" in India and The other 2 resources which are comparatively better and preferred are:

1. Bars, Nightclubs and discos (Girls can be picked just like any club and in any country) one might get a free lay or paid as well 

2. Massage and Escorts commercials in the newspapers in any of the cities, you call them and arrange for a meeting and the girl will come along with her pimp who will leave after the deal is finalized (an overnight stay for the girl may cost you $200 and above)

There are some world class discos and night clubs in Mumbai. I went to one many years ago, in what appeared to be a derelict industrial estate. A tuktuk took us there from our hotel and we thought we were being scammed, but once we were inside it was amazing.

Mumbai has the most expensive office space in the world, so little surprise there is a lot of money rolling around there.

The Cages are a joke, been on TV many times, pushed as some place where poor innocent girls are locked away and can't get out. It is all bullshit, as the 'Cages' are just the age old security grills you see on many houses and shops in India, and are unlocked most of the time anyway as the place is open 24/7.
I'd not want to bury my dick in one of those Indian girls though as they are pretty grimy looking.