Sunday, November 25, 2012

Transit Sex in Singapore while Mongering in Thailand

Monger in Singapore on Transit Sex with Thai Girl

This is an overdue report from my trip to LA ….. actually nothing much happened in LA but it all happened during my transit night (to and return) in Singapore. My flight to US was at the wee hours of the morning so I thought to myself…. why bother sleeping. Had a Singapore hotel room so had to make use of it if I am not going to sleep in it…. Headed to Orchard Towers in Singapore and went into the infamous Ipanema Pub. This place was not new to me and had some nice Asian chicks from there. Some might say it’s pricy (it’s all P4P over there) but it’s a matter of how you talk to them and negotiate, since they are all FL and they decide if they want to come with you for what you are offering.

Anyway, sat opposite a bar,   and started a conversation with an American who has been working in Singapore for a couple of years. Since I was alone, needed a wingman, and I am sure he could also use a wingman. After a while I hooked up with this cute late 20’s Thai girl and we hit it off well as I was quite familiar with Thailand and we started talking about some of the places I have been to in Thailand. After awhile, the normal question popped up, ie, where I was staying, am I alone and do I want to take her back. As usual it started off with SGD300 for sex in Singapore, and I told her I was travelling to US and only had enough SGD for cab fare (that was crap of course). I told her I would give her a $100 USD for sex and she said ok because “ I like you” woohoo!!  By this time my “wingman saw something he liked and was off hunting it down. We left and headed back to my Singapore hotel.

Once in my Singapore Hotel room action started….. not immediately…. She showered first than me. When I came out of the shower, she was in the hotel bath robe sexily lying on the bed…….  a real temptress this one  . I dot beside her and tongued her from head to toe making her squirm, ending up with DATY. Fingering her while dining at the same time and made her come.   I pulled off and she rested for awhile and came down on my little brother like a vacuum. I had a few drinks so it was gonna take some time for me to come, if not the way she was blowing me I believe I would have exploded. She took her time and was literally enjoying it like she was having an ice cream cone.

Next I pulled her ass to my face and we went the 69. She was moaning again and after awhile she moved off and got on top of me. This Thai bargirl was like crazy by now, dunno what was going thru her head, she kept shouting I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you so hard. She rode me like a cow girl for a few minutes and she tired off. She said now your turn to fuck me. Took me to the window area where there was a sitting platform. She said take me doggy and lets enjoy the view. I have not fucked a girl by the window before due to fear that I could be caught on camera, but what the hell, I was too horny, her legs open, ass lifted, lights were dim and Kenny G playing on the background was too overwhelming. Rammed into her and she was making so much noise, I was going to come. Girls screaming is a real turn on for me. I pulled out and told let's get back to the bed for the Grand Finale. Went missionary with her had her tongues totally crossed lost in the mouth and I blew my load. Whew that was one hell of a ride.
Well, my flight was in a couple of hours so told her thanks for the great time paid her the money and sent her off. Got her number before she left just in case I wanted another romp on my return trip from US……… and guess what….. I did!

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