Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sex on Soi 6 in Pattaya Thailand November 2012

Thailand Mongering Soi 6 Pattaya Beach

After taking a nap, it was time to go meet some friends at Soi 6 for some early evening fun. 

On the way there, it was fairly hot and I hadn't had anything to eat for a while so stopped at one of the hundreds of carts that make fresh Thai tea. I always tell them "Mai wan", meaning not sweet but they have a different definition of sweet and usually put too much condensed milk. Sometimes I tell them to make it without and just get the ice tea. and then take a bit of the condensed milk and add it with a stir. Usually hits the spot. From Soi Bukhao, I take the baht bus north to Pattaya Central Road. From there I cross the street at Tops and hop on to a baht bus going south on Pattaya 2nd Road to Soi 6. It was around 6 pm and I received a message that my buddies Joop and Cinco would be there around 7. I then decided to have some Thai green curry at Queen Victoria restaurant/bar. This place is a nice oasis from Soi 6 and has excellent food. I love the thai eggplant and aubergines that they use in Thailand for green curry. I could only eat half of it as their portions are huge. Met a guy from California that had been living in the PI with his PI gf and takes off 6 weeks every year to go to Thailand and his gf just allows it..or so he says. Can't imagine a jealous Filipina girl allowing him to fuck his way through Thailand but it's a man's world in Asia. 

Eventually went across the street to Soho Bar which is a home for Joop and now a new home for Cinco. This is a German owned bar and most of the patrons are also German. I always find Germans to be a European version of Koreans and I rarely get along with them. This place seemed to be different as everyone seemed to be not smiling but drunk and friendly. Joop knows everyone at the bar and Cinco seemed to have a couple girls hanging on him that were pretty but heavy. There are two very passable ladyboys here with zero visible or audible signs of being a former bloke. One is the famous Arm whom is mute and "she" is gorgeous and you can't hear her talk to determine sex so she fools a lot of guys. Even Cinco acknowledged that he thought she was hot. Evidentally Cinco was getting fooled a lot(just looking at them) as most new guys are when they get to Thailand. It was Cinco's birthday at midnight so he gave a girl some baht to go buy two new bottles of Patron and she came back a short while later on her motorbike. They basically pay for their own shots somehow or maybe its a corkage fee. Told them they should put one of them in the fridge for later as cold tequila is much easier to drink, especially in humid weather. I was sober that night because my cold had kicked into high gear. I don't know how you alcoholics can be sober for an entire trip. I was sober for 5 days in Thailand and hated it. Didn't need to get blasted or anything but mongering is much more fun buzzed. I have a theory that some of the most hardcore mongers are sober because they are just replacing one addiction with a new one(sex). Didn't see anything to my liking except one really hot skinny girl that was being occupied by one Japanese client after another. They have two Thai girls that are stunning that work here but they are quite busy so get there early or get sloppy 10ths. 

Soi 6 Bar hopping and Thai Bargirls

Eventually made it over to a bar where the girls have Sailor Moon outfits and half the bar is outside. The bar is called "Smoke and Kisses". The bar girl looked cute, young, thin and had braces. I was hooked. She seemed sweet but wanted to feel her out a bit over a drink. Very sweet Thai bargirl and seemed horny. Eventually made it upstairs with this girl. 300 for the room and 700 for the girl. Basically if you are going to do more than one girl a day at Soi 6, its good to either stay there or rent a room for the day at Ruby 2 or Queen Victoria. I almost rented a room for the week as many nice rooms are 500 baht a night and you can shower and store stuff there. The bar here has a strange area back behind the bar with various toys hanging off of bottles. The short time room is ok in that it is clean and has a side chair and ottoman that you see in BJ bars. Had her take off her clothes and she does have no tits but unreal skin and just a landing strip. She was into DATY, DFK and gave an ok BBBJ. Would not allow BBFS so just had her finish me off with a BBBJ and I had to promise her to finish outside her mouth so I shot on her tiny tits. Like most Thai girls, she then scrubbed me from head to toe and even washed my hair with shampoo she brought. She said she could smell my oil from my prior massage and told me in Thai that if I have a Thai girlfriend that its better that don't smell like oil or pussy...very considerate of her. 

Eventually made it back to Soho bar and Cinco, Joop and I went barhopping a bit until we cam to Passions Dance Club which is a small gogo bar towards Beach Road. They had two Thai bar girls there with huge tits and one in particular had the best real tits I had seen in Thailand ever. Immediately, I put the hotter one with bigger tits on Cinco and the other one with big tits but had a kid on my lap. Eventually Joop had a girl two and all girls were giving us lap dances, along with some DFK here and there(at least for me). Cinco was all smiles but he was shacked up with a Thai gf for the week and didn't want to take her upstairs. I had just blown a load but made a mental note to fuck both Thai bargirls later on and I eventually did just that. Place has a tiny dance floor and maybe 8 girls working at at time but I was only there 3 times. Cinco had to go pick up his gf and Joop and I made a couple more rounds to bars with girls he knew and I did find one real hottie at Red Circle but I was just laying groundwork for a later date. Chris went back to Soho and I ordered some Somtum(spicy green papaya salad). I know how to make it myself but great to watch the process. You can identify a som tum cart by the pestle and mortar that is wooden and ingredients of dried shrimp, tomatoes and hot Thai peppers. I use at least 4 Thai peppers and they always think I am nuts. Had some at one of the bars with a water. My mouth was on fire and I went back to my hotel. Was starting to feel seriously ill and some coughing so I went to sleep for the night.


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