Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mongering and Sex Prices in Hong Kong 2012

Finding a Girl for Sex in Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong a while ago so I am not sure how much has changed.

When I went I used sex 141 ( ) to find a girl in Kowloon for $350 Hong Kong Dollars. Nice and not bad looking for the money. About a 6 or 7 and in her early 20's. Didn't speak very much English but she was easy enough to communicate with given she knew why I was there. The "apartment" was truly Asian it was 10ft by 20ft at the most. Got a nice shower from her then a blowjob. She let me pick my positions until I finished with no rushing me. Then another shower, a cup of green tea, and I was on my way. Yeah can you believe she made me tea after everything!

Using 141 is a good way to find Hong Kong girls to have sex with. Lots of variety and price range from low dough throw to OMG! You have to be a little adventurous and have some courtesy as lot of the Hong Kong prostitute girls work out of their apartments. So you basically walk up to a door where you should see a 141 sign on it and you knock. If she is available she answers if not go to the next one on your list. I found several in the same area and buildings. Just remember there are "regular" people who live in those buildings so be respectful.

On the Hong Kong side of things I had a lot of luck at a couple of clubs in Wan Chai. My favorite was Amazonian. Lots of cute bargirls from the Philippines and a great band playing rock music. The bargirls will come to you if you smile at them. Be sure to negotiate as they start high (1000 Hong Kong) but you can get them to agree to as little as 400 depending on the night, number of customers, and how late it is. The closer to morning the less they will take as they need to make something. Just be warned they will try bleed you of cash by asking for food and drinks and by bringing friends over as well. If you just want sex then negotiate and leave the bar!

On the plus side for about $2000 Hong Kong you can get a full GFE weekend (Friday to Monday) with the right Hong Kong girl. She will expect, and you should provide, food and drinks during the weekend but she will treat you very well and be thrilled that she gets to be with one person and see Hong Kong. Most never get to see Hong Kong as it is all about work so they never see the city. In return you get it as much as you want and any way you want.

If you go for the GFE (Girl Friend Experience) weekend be sure to tell the Hong Kong bargirl to dress casual as they dress for "work" daily and the nicer hotels don't want that kind of business walking through the lobby. You may have to take them back to their place to change but it is worth it if you want a nice weekend without raising eyebrows.



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