Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wild Sex Mongering in Saipan with a Filipina Girl

Wild Saipan Sex with sexy Girls and Nightlife

Me and my buddy decided to go party in Saipan for one night. Price is 220 USD roundtrip Continental from Guam. This small island is part of the Central Marianas Islands and used to be a a HUGE party island before they closed the garment factories down and all Filipina/Korean/Chinese girls left. (from what I hear). It is still a lot of fun though.
We begin the night at Chicago, which is a strip joint with all Filipina dancers. Nice girls, good prices, girls are lot of fun. I asked one if i could pretty much barfine her for the night....she told me "I'm not a barfine, go find a Chinese or Korean girl if you want that ".
So that's exactly what I did.

Next stop was a dance club in Garipan (downtown area of Saipan). Jeremy and I are scoping out the talent on dance floor. I see only people on dance floor are a few Asian girls dancing  like you would imagine Asians to dance. These women were very pretty and 25-30 age range. I take one more swig of my beer and say "fuck it, they probably won't want to dance, but they might". We end up dancing for a couple hours, having great time, taking turns with each of them.

Club closes and we stumble out, soaked in sweat. Some other Joe tagged along but I didn't mind. It was now 2 guys and three girls. We end up at the Hyatt resort Saipan drinking coffee. I immediately take one with me and break her away from friends to go swimming in ocean. I get naked and jump in ocean. Beautiful Korean girl does the same. We try fucking in ocean but it is too dam rough.  We move to pool, then poolside chair, then to hot tub. One solid hour of bareback outdoor fucking. 

I look for new place to continue, but security is there and tell me we have to go (he must have heard her, lol!). As we are walking to find her car another car pulls up abruptly. I shield girl as I don't know what's going on (its 5 am, ghost town, and dark). she breaks my hold. Two young Korean girls jump out. One looks as if he's about to start throwing punches. Then I hear in broken English " YOU SLEEP WITH MY WIFE?!"

OOPS! lol

Told him we just had coffee, and they let me be. Literally seconds later, Jeremy rolls up in cab after done banging a few Saipan freelancers, with a "WTF?" look on his face. Good times with some great sex in Saipan for sure.

Quick Monger Stop Over Trip Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Mongering: Australia to Angeles City Via Kuala Lumpur

I usually fly Air Asia from Australia to Angeles City Philippines via Kuala Lumpur. First leg gets me into Kuala Lumpur around 4pm. The Air Asia connection to Clark (Angeles) isn't until about 7am the next morning! So that leaves me with approximately 12 hours and a bit hours free time to kill. If you love hanging around airports (especially 3rd worldish), then go for it and stroll over to Tune hotel to rest up and have refreshments. However, I prefer to do a bit of monger in Kuala Lumpur so I go prefer to make the trip into the city.

My Monger Operation is as follows for Sex in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

* Clear the "dodgy" customs/Immigration at 4pm and walk through the terminal to baggage services;
* Check my luggage (..always just carry-on..) into a locker there for about 6-7 bucks until I return in the morning;
* Walk out and either get SkyBus or equivalent (..sometimes the train network also..) ticket to "KL Sentral" ($7rtn);
* Usually 90min ride into the city where I exit bus at KL SENTRAL and walk to the "Monorail" station (5-10min walk);
* Catch Monorail into the city centre (@$1-2 bucks). Get off at "Bukit Bintang" or "Bukit Nanas" (about 3 stops away);
* These stations are closest to the Twin Towers part of town and a short walk (5-10mins) to bars etc... (Beach Club);
* Take happy snaps at Towers, etc..., before finding a place to eat near Beach Club area. Many good choices nearby;
* Rock into Beach Club around 6-7pm and order a "happy-hour" bucket of beers. Best value as booze is pricey in Kuala Lumpur;
* By this stage I have probably swatted off a dozen or so eager Kuala Lumpur bar girls before I find somewhere comfy to settle in;
* As it's still early, I just flirt with the Kuala Lumpur bar girls or just enjoy my beers until the place picks up a bit. (about 9pm);
* The live music band starts from 10pm and is usually very good music. At this stage the place is pumping with tons of sexy bar girls and Kuala Lumpur freelancers;
* As it's getting late before I need to return to airport for Clark flight, I start picking my girl for some short-time sex;
* The girls always suggest short time hotels across the way (Cabana Inn) and we do the deal and exit for fun & games nearby;
* Hotel is shabby, but has a bed & bathroom, so is all I need to put away some pootang. Usually 2 pops before I finish;
* Pay the girl and get taxi back to "KL Sental" as monorail doesn't run after midnight to 5am. Taxi about $10+ ;
* I usually like to be at KL Sentral by 4am so I am back at LCCT for 6am check in for Clark flight. Bus leaves every 15mins;
* Return to LCCT and grab luggage before check-in & customs to make my 0720am flight to Clark. In Angeles City mongering by NOON!

So, it's a bit of a mongering mission, but time flys & I get to keep my sanity as well as get one away from whatever takes my fancy at the Beach Club. So far I've had only Thai girls & Filipina Girls. Really want to taste some African booty some time. Russians have tried their business on me there, but haven't taken one as yet. I get white meat at home, so no thrill for me when there is so much LBFM around.
So if you travel light and want to keep busy in your 12hr+ layover, you can do something like this and still make your flight in the morning. I've done this half a dozen times without any drama and usually spend under $200 for transport, food/drinks, short time hotel and of course the sex with girls from Kuala Lumpur! they say....UP TO YOU Hansum!!!

Lithuanian Girls Lap Dances in a Vilnius Strip Club

A Monger Looking for Sex in Vilnius Lithuania

I had a wild night mongering in Vilnius 3 weeks ago...

For those of you who don't know the place... it is in Lithuania.. which is a country between Poland and Russia...

It was a long trip there.. and spent only one night.. but what a night...

While I am honestly in principle into Blonde girls when I monger... I have to admit that I completely changed my mind...

It seems like every hotel in Vilniuis had its own strip club... and did not have to look far from mine and there were two next to it..

I picked what seemed to be the largest strip club in Vilnius and stepped in... It was well decorated and as I stepped in.. there did not seem to be anybody except some bargirls that I saw moving backstage and one started a very nice dance...

She seemed tall and well built... very athletic and was able to display all her assets... she was riding the pole up an down as if she was held by cords... almost 2-3 minutes into the dance, she moved to a pole next to me and then literally moved on my lap and started lap-dancing... she was down to her string and her body was perfect (boobs... ass...)

In the meanwhile... 3 other Vilnius girls sat not too far from me... there wore sexy clothes and they all were all eying me which made me a bit uncomfortable... My problem was that I could not choice so much they were beautiful...

Three different styles and I did not know where to focus... was it on the body that was rubbing against mine or the three Lithuanian beauties... that I knew by then,  will take the stage later...

To be honest.. the first round... I could not really focus... I just know .. I was close to exploding...

Then the first bargirl left to change and came a second one.. blonde .. but this one was just so sweet, less athletic but with one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen in my life... and her body was just so perfect... after the routine on the main stage.. she came to my pole... and here her dance was even more provoking and she stripped completely and here I was with a girl completely naked dancing in front of me... after 1 minute... she came to my lap and made sure I was turned on as much as possible.. by this time nothing else counted in the room... and I just stared at the perfect boobs.. round ass and shaved pussy... she made sure she rubbed me and mini mi as much as possible... by the time she was done with me... I was already in love...

The third Vilnius bargirl took the main stage as the second went back-stage...

By the way... just then I discovered, I was the only customer in the strip club... It was a wednesday.. and the waitress insisted that other people would come later... which I doubted... and who cared... and that turned to be th best...

The third Lithuanian bargirl was actually a brunette, very tall, not really my style,.. she still had a baby face, that made me strongly doubt of her age... Also for her height... I could not believe she would have been able to do some of the move she was doing on the pole... she followed with the same routine... and here she just shocked me as she came on my lap... She just was SO WIIIILLLLDDD.. she was all over me; she was laying on top of me with her cunt right on top of my d..k; she insisted that I touch her and made me squeeze her boobs and caress her butt...

Finally, there was the fourth one... brunette... she was actually my style... well rounded (no excesses).. a round face and nice shy smile... I could not believe that a girl that seemed so shy would be strip dancing let along rub me this much... and excite me this much...

As she went back stage and the first dancer come on main stage ... one of the bargirls (the second... let's call her for convenience blonde) just came next to me ... she sat and started a nice casual discussion... her English was perfect and she was very pleasant to talk to... the classical where do you come from.. how long are you staying... she seemed genuinely disappointed to know that I was just staying one night.
When the dancer came to dance close to me.. she just stepped back and let me enjoy the private show... as I was enjoying the body of the dancer... blondy was winking and encouraging me to touch.. this time the dancer completely stripped and ensured that I  appreciate all her assets...

To cut the story short... then they all continued the same routine... taking turn in dancing: first on the main stage then on the pole next to me and finally on my lap... each lap they became more intimate and even kissed me as their lips came close to mine.. they also bit lightly my ears... and touched me all over...
slowly... all the girls that finished dancing came next to me and within 30 minutes... I was surrounded by 4 beautiful Lithuanian girls... with goddess bodies.. and that were all over me... they were wearing very sexy dresses... and changed them after every dance... they would take turn in dancing and when the dancer comes close, they would just discretely step back allowing me to enjoy the touch and the fell of the body and the private show... only Blondy would always wink.. and would encourage by saying how her friends were beautiful...

This all lasted over 4 hours...

When they knew I was leaving... they all one by one asked whether I wanted to get with them to the room for a Jacuzzi and you know what...

I was torn... I first could not choose... they were all so beautiful... I could especially not choose between Blondy and the last one...

Then I could not afford another 2 hours... I was just 4 hours away from an 18 hour flight and had to catch a nap before my flight.

It was just such a wonderful night.... I just have missed to take more time there and wish I had enough for a private session with one of the ladies or more... or maybe I did not ;-)

Now I know that Vilnius will be on my itinerary in the future for mongering and sex ... and hopefully the near one... It is definitely now on my monger map... hope it gets on yours...

Trust me guys looking for girls in Vilnius is worth it !!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mongering and Sex Prices in Hong Kong 2012

Finding a Girl for Sex in Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong a while ago so I am not sure how much has changed.

When I went I used sex 141 ( ) to find a girl in Kowloon for $350 Hong Kong Dollars. Nice and not bad looking for the money. About a 6 or 7 and in her early 20's. Didn't speak very much English but she was easy enough to communicate with given she knew why I was there. The "apartment" was truly Asian it was 10ft by 20ft at the most. Got a nice shower from her then a blowjob. She let me pick my positions until I finished with no rushing me. Then another shower, a cup of green tea, and I was on my way. Yeah can you believe she made me tea after everything!

Using 141 is a good way to find Hong Kong girls to have sex with. Lots of variety and price range from low dough throw to OMG! You have to be a little adventurous and have some courtesy as lot of the Hong Kong prostitute girls work out of their apartments. So you basically walk up to a door where you should see a 141 sign on it and you knock. If she is available she answers if not go to the next one on your list. I found several in the same area and buildings. Just remember there are "regular" people who live in those buildings so be respectful.

On the Hong Kong side of things I had a lot of luck at a couple of clubs in Wan Chai. My favorite was Amazonian. Lots of cute bargirls from the Philippines and a great band playing rock music. The bargirls will come to you if you smile at them. Be sure to negotiate as they start high (1000 Hong Kong) but you can get them to agree to as little as 400 depending on the night, number of customers, and how late it is. The closer to morning the less they will take as they need to make something. Just be warned they will try bleed you of cash by asking for food and drinks and by bringing friends over as well. If you just want sex then negotiate and leave the bar!

On the plus side for about $2000 Hong Kong you can get a full GFE weekend (Friday to Monday) with the right Hong Kong girl. She will expect, and you should provide, food and drinks during the weekend but she will treat you very well and be thrilled that she gets to be with one person and see Hong Kong. Most never get to see Hong Kong as it is all about work so they never see the city. In return you get it as much as you want and any way you want.

If you go for the GFE (Girl Friend Experience) weekend be sure to tell the Hong Kong bargirl to dress casual as they dress for "work" daily and the nicer hotels don't want that kind of business walking through the lobby. You may have to take them back to their place to change but it is worth it if you want a nice weekend without raising eyebrows.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Brief Mongering in Jakarta Indonesia Breakdown

The Monger Scene and Red Light Districts of Jakarta

Ancol is the red light district in Jakarta Indonesia.

The best hotel to stay is the Travel hotel for mongering in Jakarta in my opinion

This year I brought a Garmin GPS system to track my mongering movements. If you google it, you can find free maps for Garmin. So i downloaded the Jakarta Indonesia map. It was awesome. This is how you get around Jakarta Indonesia. Go to Jakarta 100 website ( ) and you will find some useful tips about traveling around the City. They tell you the address. You put it in your Garmin, and take a taxi there.


You see, most foreigners if they are looking to monger in Indonesia don't know about the red light districts in Jakarta because it's a Muslim country. They don't advertise it. And the women on the street wear very demure clothing. But this is a moderate Muslim country. You can drink your face off. And no one cares. Everywhere there is drinking to be had by all.

Did you notice Jakarta girls on the back of scooters late at night?

Those were not girl friends of the scooter guys, those were high school Jakarta prostitutes.
I didn't know either, for years, until someone told me. Then I found out, it's totally true. Cause I went up and asked for this particular Indonesian girl on the scooter. The guy said no problem. Asked me what hotel i was staying at. Told him my room number. And within 15 min. I had that Jakarta girl at my hotel room ready to have sex with me. Super simple.

It's all very deceiving until someone opens your eyes. Once your eyes are open. You start to see all that you missed before. And then you slap yourself in the head and go OH MY GOD, why didn't I see that.
Being a moderate Muslim country, the only places the Jakarta prostitute girls dress slutty is in the bars. Where you think you gotta "pick them up". you don't, just say "hi" and then within 30 min, just ask them if they want to go back to your place. 90% scoring chance. And it's a 50 50 that it's free. Mostly though, you will pay.

Like I said, go to google and type jakarta 100 or go to the website here -
I hope this helps if you are looking for sex and girls safetly in Jakarta Indonesia.