Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mongering Sex Pricing in Russia for Freelancers

Russian Mongering and Working Girls

Each to their own on monger, Asian women for me are alright and if it is the game that is in town, then I will partake, but I much prefer either Latino or Hispanic women and then Eastern European women to Asians. Each to their own and variety is the spice of life. If everyone was the same, it would be a mighty boring place.

Most of the ladies in my mongering pictures are from Vladivostock, Pskov, St Pete, Moscow, and the Ukraine. When I was in the various 'stans (Khazakastan, Tajikistan, Kurgyzstan, etc) most of the time I was not able to take picture of the sex ladies with no clothes.

I will return soon from Russia, and am not sure if I should post my pics from my trip. It is amazing how much prices here have risen. With the weakening of the Euro, the Dollar is more attractive right now and gets a better exchange rate.

It still gets rather cool here in the evening and late one night a couple of days ago I was walking back to my hotel room wearing my black Russian Karakul great coat and black Karakul Ushanka. With my short beard I am told I look very Russian. I walk with a cane due to injuries suffered while in the Army.
Since I am conversant in Russian and speak it with a Moscovite accent (my teacher is from Moscow and I have picked up her accent) the working girls around my hotel assumed I was Russian and would often wave at me as I returned to my hotel room.

Picking up a Russian girl for sex

One night, as I walked back from supper, minding my business a little tipsy from too much vodka with my hosts, one of the working ladies asked me why I did not have a girlfriend. I had passed this large gaggle of working girls in the alley beside my hotel many times and had passed them with nary a look before this one hooker stepped in front of me.

I told her that I did not require her services as I had a lady friend who took care of my needs. She was not happy but offered all night for $300 USD. I laughed at her, and proceeded to walk around her when she dropped the price for all night to $200 USD.

I told her I was still not interested despite the fact that she was the best looking of the bunch. She got mad and called me some rather unflattering things, but I walked into my hotel and had a good laugh with the doorman who had watched the whole thing.

I have found the Russian hookers now are rather aggressive. I have a friend in the police that I am seeing tomorrow I intend to ask him about the number and aggression of working freelance Russian girls on the streets. Both seem to have increased dramatically since I was last here.

I happen to love the Russian language and culture of the Russian and freelance ladies. I also love their accent. They can be cold and heartless, but sometimes I wonder if that is a trait of the Russian culture not necessarily the Russian lady.

There are certainly some mercenary-minded ones and the street hookers are very predatory. I was talking to the mamochka (Russian mamasan – usually an older semi-retired whore that is tasked with talking to the johns, finding what kind of girl he wants, agreeing on price and directing the john to the tochka I.E. meeting spot) the other night as I walked by on my way to my hotel room.

I do not smoke anymore but still carry a Zippo out of habit. I made the mistake of giving the mamochka a light. So to her this means I am a friendly sort and she usually talks to me for a few minutes each evening as I walk back to my room. I also made the mistake of talking to one of the girls a few days ago.
I enjoy walking in the evenings after supper and I am usually attempting to burn off the too much vodka my hosts have had me drink during supper.

In the alley between my hotel and whatever the drab depressing stone behemoth Soviet-era building that neighbors it, a lot of ladies sit in cars waiting for customers.

Brief Explanation of the Russian Mongering Scene

You meet the mamochka at the entrance and tell her what you are looking for. I usually run into mamochka at the end of the alley before the steps to my hotel. I have heard rumors that most of the ladies work for the Vory but I do not know this for sure although I am sure there is probably some connections somewhere.

I have noticed a few ladies lurking in the hotel lobby as well. You cannot get in a taxi hardly without the cabbie offering girls for sex, blow and weed not necessarily in that order.

Most of the ladies here want $300 USD for all night, but a few will go as low as $170 for all night if you are offering supper, a shower, and condoms. I have ran into several ladies offering BBFS - Yikes!
Make sure your liquor is locked up, because these ladies will drink any alcohol they find.

Mamochka tells me that business is slow. There are so many Russian girls working now that it is hard to keep all the ladies busy. Many spend a week or so without a customer.

While prostitution is quasi legal in Russia and some of the FSU states, and the age of consent is 16 (met some German lads the other night here looking for young pussy in that age range – sounded like trouble to me) I have found that if you go to the nicer clubs, spend a little money (no cheap charlies) and are a decent fellow it is not hard to find a woman to date.


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