Friday, October 26, 2012

A Brief Saigon Vietnam Mongering Trip and Prices

Two Mongers Looking for Sex in Saigon

A fellow monger emailed me and said he had a friend in Saigon Vietnam for a visit. His wing man had to return to the States so he asked if I would accompany his friend, no problem. Saigon just keeps getting better and better. We hit a disco Club V the first night and had 2 very good looking Vietnamese bargirls join us, the tits on the bargirl that I had... Oh My God! They were up for some P4P sex but we declined and got their cell numbers for a later date. Went to another disco called Gossip and I only spotted one ugly freelance Vietnamese girl in the building and this place was big and packed to the gills full of Freelance Vietnamese and a few Cambodian girls. The next night we met up with a guy from Australia, he took us to a few mongering spots but not much going on, we headed back to Gossip. Plenty of Vietnamese girls were offering, but no play. I still can't get over how beautiful and well built these Vietnamese girls are, I may never go back to Thailand! 

Vietnamese Freelancer Girl Prices and Negotiation

We headed back to a Saigon mongering spot we met the Australian guy at (24hr place). Told the waiter we wanted some Vietnamese freelance girls for sex, 5 minutes later two hot girls arrived. He took the smiling hottie, 800k and he said she was great and had a good time. I said I didn't like the other one and within 5 minutes 3 more showed up. I had to decline, they were great looking but it was pushing 3am. We hit a karaoke joint last night, we both had 2 Vietnamese freelance girls each and they were absolutely amazing. I love having two beautiful girls to drink and make out with and these girls can drink like fish! I think I'm might be spending more time in D1 from now on, there's a lot of action. The Vietnamese women are the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on, hands down. Tomorrow we are headed out to Vung Tau, a hour and a half boat ride. I have heard that it's a great spot (beach town) and I've heard it's somewhat like Pattaya. We only plan to stay one night because he is flying out on Wed. I'm going to have my camera with me in Vung Tau, lets hope I use it this time!

Some Prices Quoted by Vietnamese Girls for Sex

Prices quoted in Gossip from 1mil-2mil vnd, roughly 50-100 usd. I joking tried to haggle one Vietnamese girl down to 500k she didn't budge and walked off. Ten minutes later she was back again, "are you sure" yes, 500k I'm sure, but no dice. No worries for me, I can only play during the day or early in the evening.